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The role of a travel agent is to manage the travel requirements made by a holiday or business traveller. Some of the main duties for a person in this position include organising flights, transport and accommodation for a trip, finding cheap itineraries, and securing customer satisfaction for future services.
There are several types of travel agents. Some specialise in destinations, while others in the type of travel required, such as family-holiday or business travel. The most significant skills for candidates include outstanding people skills, an ability to operate telephones and IT software, collaborative teamwork skills, and sound knowledge of domestic and international travel trends
Normally, travel agents require a degree in some sort of relevant field, such as hospitality or tourism, and experience in sales and marketing would be a bonus. It is also necessary for applicants to have knowledge of hospitality software systems. Most travel agencies throughout the United Kingdom provide a base salary of about £18,000 to £23,000 per year.


When it comes to assisting people in selecting their flights and finding the best location for holidays, vacations, or business trips; Travel Agents are very good at their jobs. They are sometimes referred to as Sales Clerks, or Travel Consultants. Agents spend a lot of time talking with clients and trying to find cheap or convenient flights.
They may work in travel agencies, or airports. Travel Agents are very informed about geography, global politics and diverse culture. This aids them in advising their clients of where they would prefer to go. They mostly work in office setting five days a week and overtime when required. Agents make good salary and have great benefits.
A Travel Agent usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Booking hotel rooms and flights
• Advising clients on travel destinations
• Attending travel seminars
• Following travel and tourism trends
• Updating information into the computer
• Collecting fees and payments


• Communication and presentation
• Negotiation and networking
• Customer relations and service
• Being detailed oriented and observant
• Being efficient and dependable
• Multitasking and cultural relations
• Speaking on the telephone
• Geography, travel and tourism
• Teamwork and independent thinking
• Information technology and discretion


Many Travel Agents start out as Apprentices. They work and learn at the same time, while they earn. Some continue their education in colleges and universities studying courses like:
•    Travel and Tourism
•    Tourism Management
•    Business Travel
There are also courses offered by several institutions that grant Travel Agent certification courses. These include the Association of British Travel Agents' Certificate (ABTAC); City & Guilds, BTEC National Certificate, Scottish Group Awards (SGAs), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Guild of Travel Management Companies.

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