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Personal trainers have one main duty, which is to oversee the health and fitness of a client at any one time. Whether the candidate is applying for a job in the hotel industry or in a private gym, some of the other main duties they will experience include the cleaning and monitoring of gym equipment, discussing fitness programmes with clients and working closely with gym owners, or health and fitness managers in the case of hotels
A personal trainer must have extensive knowledge of physical exercises to assist clients, provide dietary advice, work cooperatively with upper management and colleagues, have excellent people and communication skills, and understand the operations of a fitness centre.
Holding a degree in human movement or physical science is generally advantageous for applicants, although it isn’t necessarily required. However, candidates normally need to hold some sort of accreditation that shows knowledge and experience in the field of personal training. A personal trainer usually receives a salary of about £12,000 per annum, but can earn more at large hotels and gyms.


A Personal Trainer is a Fitness Instructor who works with an individual client. They assess their clients, and develop a fitness, health or diet programme to help them obtain their objectives. This career requires a very flexible disposition, as it is done whenever the client dictates. This includes Sundays, early morning or late night.
The potential for earning is dependent on the Trainer; the amount of client he has and number of hours worked. They usually are self employed and dedicated to helping their clients. Many Trainers work with celebrities, sports stars, athletes, and executives.
A Personal Trainer usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Monitoring clients
• Doing personalised training
• Motivating clients
• Recording client progress
• Teaching client new techniques and exercises
• Analysing data collected
• Readjusting fitness programme


• Anatomy and physiology
• Business and creativity
• Communication and listening
• Having high energy and endurance
• Information technology and flexibility
• Nutrition and health
• Organisation and planning
• Problem solving and stress management
• Respectful and patience
• Tact and motivation


To achieve the level of a Personal Trainer takes dedication, and experience. It also takes having a strategy that works for your clients. Certifications are granted by EDI, City and Guilds, CYQ, OCR or Lifetime Award. Trainers must also be registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Their website also provides a list of institutions that provide training and certification in areas such as Therapy, Sports, Sports Science, or Exercise. Trainers are also required to have insurance and training in First Aid.

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