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The role of a fitness instructor is to develop a special relationship with clients and help them achieve their full potential. The responsibilities vary from job to job but typical coaching roles include providing feedback – both positive and critical – assessing strengths and weaknesses and clearly communicating with clients
As well as the practical side of the job, fitness instructors must be able to plan and have good administration skills to deal with the day to day running of a fitness programme. Typical duties include organising personal training programmes, keeping records of individual progress and maximising time by careful planning
For qualified personal trainers, the entry level pay can be anywhere between £12,000 and £14,000 per year. This can be significantly boosted once established and some fitness instructors working at gyms earn from around £16,000 to £20,000 in their first year. Some gyms ask personal trainers to pay a monthly fee to work as a freelance trainer at their gym.


Fitness Instructors are in charge of creating exercise programmes. They work with people to correct their diet, weight and lifestyle. As an instructor, you will work with a group of clients or an individual client as a personal instructor. This job can be very lucrative and requires endurance, and discipline.
Instructors teach kickboxing, yoga, bosu, Pilates, weights, aerobics and even aquacise. The age of clients varies and these professionals can be found in gyms, health clubs, spas, or they conduct training in clients home. Some work on shifts or full time and the remuneration can be very rewarding.
A Fitness Instructor usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Creating fitness programmes
• Motivating clients
• Conducting exercise classes
• Instructing clients
• Demonstrating how to use various equipments
• Taking body measurements


• Communication and listening
• Diet, nutrition, exercise and health
• Giving clear and precise guidance
• Instruction and training
• Knowing, adhering and teaching safety guidelines
• Mentoring and approachability
• Negotiation and discretion
• Patience and resilience
• Planning and management
• Professionalism and motivation


Having a fitness certification is a great advantage; especially if this is a career in which an individual expects to excel at and reach a wide variety of clients. There are various certifications that offer a specialisation in Fitness Instruction or Exercise. These are:
•    City & Guilds
•    NCFE
•    OCR
•    VTCT
•    EDI
•    CTR
Other areas that should be covered to make an instructor competent are food, diet, nutrition, first aid and life guard training. Those Fitness Instructors who wish to work with children will need a security or background check. The diversity in training will allow instructors to work with sick patients who may suffer from diabetes, hypertension, high levels of stress related illnesses, heart disease or even back or joint pain.

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