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There are a variety of employment options within the pharmaceutical industry, with positions ranging from that of a chemist to a contract manager. These skilled professionals are commissioned for a variety of tasks, including sales, product development, clinical research, regulatory checks, engineering and marketing as well as financial and general management, among others
Requirements for each position vary, though all professionals are required to have some knowledge of drugs, treatment and associated medical conditions and clinical research. Many posts require both undergraduate and post-graduate education in pharmacology while managers as well as those in marketing and sales are often hired with business-related backgrounds coupled with industry knowledge
Persons working in the pharmaceutical field in the UK commonly see salaries ranging anywhere from £25,000 per annum to well over £80,000 for top executives and specialists working for leading firms. The average for salaries the industry is between £35,000 and 40,000 per annum.


The Pharmaceutical industry is related to medication developing, producing and selling. Companies inside this sector may deal with brand or generic medication and medical devices. One of the many job placements in this business is Pharmacist. They are the white lab coat people working at drugstores. These people are required to dispense drugs that doctors prescribed to patients.

People working in Pharmaceutical sector usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Dispensing drugs.
• Labelling medication.
• Selling drug prescriptions.
• Making presentations about new medication.
• Writing reports about experiments.


• Having good interpersonal skills.
• Having high level of scientific ability and understanding.
• Being able to clearly explain information to the public.
• Being organised.
• Having competent business skills.
• Being methodical and accurate.
• Having competent math skills.
• Being able to prioritise projects.
• Having good IT skills.
• Being able to work alone or with a team.


A requirement for Pharmaceutical sector jobs is to have a degree related to this subject. Universities require three A Levels and five A-C grade GCSEs as a minimum for this area. There are some cases where it is specifically required to have A Levels in math and science subjects.

There are other suitable backgrounds for this sector such as sales, marketing, healthcare, nursing, among others. Some employers require a degree in pharmacy, so it is recommended to check the list of 25 schools approved by the RPSGB for these courses.

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