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Physiotherapy assistants work alongside qualified physiotherapists, assisting in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from reduced mobility. Key tasks of a physiotherapy assistant include setting up equipment, preparing clients for therapy and demonstrating mobility aids and exercises. Other duties may include keeping the department tidy and basic administration work
Ideal candidates are caring, patient individuals with an interest in health and physical education and a positive, motivating attitude. It is also important to have a good level of physical fitness and the ability to work well in a team. Many employers will require at least four GCSEs (A – C), including English and a science subject. Previous experience in a caring role would also be highly useful
The work usually takes place in hospital physiotherapy departments and private practices and could be either full-time or part-time. Training is available on the job and some NHS Trusts offer apprenticeships that could lead to recognised qualifications, such as the NVQ Level 3 in health: allied health profession support (physiotherapy). Starting salaries are in the £13,600 – 16,700 range and increase to £21,800 with experience.


Aiding in the rehabilitation of patients who are ill or have disabilities is the job of a Physiotherapy Assistant. These professionals work with young people, adults, infants or senior patients. Assistants are required to be familiar with utilises various equipments, rehabilitation or walking aids.
Professional Physiotherapy Assistants, work five days a week on forty hour shifts. They work wherever they are needed especially in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, clinics or with sports teams and athletes.
A Physiotherapy Assistant usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Taking patients to therapy treatments
• Writing up patient records
• Consulting with doctors
• Putting up equipment
• Assisting clients during sessions
• Teaching clients how to use aids


• Being cheerful and optimistic,
• Being sensitive and kind
• Communication and listening
• Giving support and reassurance
• Keep accurate records
• Patient and understanding
• Physical education and health
• Stress management techniques
• Tolerance and tact
• Professionalism and courtesy
• Resolving problems efficiently


Physiotherapy Assistants must be trained in their area of expertise. At the basic level they should have their GCSEs in Mathematics, English and some Science subject. During training knowledge should be gained in areas like:
•    Anatomy and Physiology
•    Biology
•    Massage
•    Physical Therapy
There are many certification agencies that offer these courses. They include BTEC, or NVQ. Going the traditional education route and gaining a degree at the Bachelors, Masters or Post Graduate level is always beneficial. Another option after completing the necessary studies is to join a professional body of group like the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

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