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The role of a pharmacy technician is essential to the world of pharmaceuticals; these skilled professionals provide assistance to pharmacists by filling prescriptions, providing advice to consumers, managing inventory, verifying paperwork and numerous other ad hoc tasks. They may work in retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics or other medical facilities
Those working in this position must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively within a team. Strong attention to detail is essential as small mistakes can have serious consequences. In the UK, these individuals must obtain certification from a qualified programme; this typically involves both on-the-job training as well as a theory examination via the Royal Pharmaceutical Society curriculum.
The average salary for a pharmacy technician working in the UK is around £20,000 per annum; however, those with multiple years of experience can see rates stretching from £25,000 to £30,000 per annum, though newly qualified technicians will generally start at around £17,000 per annum.


Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for preparing, supplying and distributing medicines prescribed for patients. They are always supervised by a registered pharmacist. This job is also related with other duties like ensuring sufficient medicine stock in hospitals, correcting prescription information, measuring medicines, dealing with people about prescriptions, and quality control processes. They can work in high street pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals, among others.

A Pharmacy Technician usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Ordering new medicine stock.
• Measuring ingredients.
• Selecting suitable elements for prescriptions.
• Creating labels for medicines.
• Ensuring prescriptions are accurate and legal.


• Having competent math abilities.
• Being able to clearly explain information.
• Being able to manage confidential issues.
• Having interest in medicine and science.
• Having good communication skills.
• Having competent IT abilities.
• Being able to work under strict guidelines.
• Having interpersonal abilities.
• Having teamwork skills.
• Having high attention to details.


There are no specific qualifications for Pharmacy Technician jobs. Some employers require four GCSE’s (A
*-C), including a Science subject, Math, and English as a minimum. Training for this area is obtained through experience in community pharmacies and hospitals. Jobs under supervision of a pharmacist and part time courses allow obtaining a NVQ level 3 in pharmacy services.

There are special programs for training including apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships with an employer.

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