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Recruitment Administrators may work in Recruiting firms or HR departments. They are responsible for locating, recruiting and interviewing potential job candidates. This job comprises many sub-responsibilities like speaking with managers and understanding what their skill needs may be. Some Recruitment Administrators may handle payroll tasks as well, like updating databases, distributing salaries and work slips.
A Recruitment Administrator usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Handling inquiries
•  Maintaining administrative systems
•  Arranging assessments
•  Formatting documentation
• Pre-selecting candidates
• Advertising positions
• Handling payroll
•  Attending meetings
•  Assisting managers


• Handling stress
• Communicating effectively
• Managing administrative duties
• Being self motivated and efficient
• Being analytical
• Working with complex information
• Being amicable and respectful
• Being thorough and forward thinking
• Multitasking


People who work as Recruitment Administrators may have a range of qualifications. Companies often hire people who possess both HR and career specific qualifications, especially if the company relates to IT, Manufacturing or Engineering. The basic requirements tend to be English and Maths GCSEs preferable with passes at the A-C level. Then, other qualifications may include having a first or second degree in Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Business Administration, Management, or Psychology.

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