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Work in the Human resources field deals with the management of employees and is essential to any company. The area incorporates the recruiting, training and welfare of the workforce.
Heading human resources departments are managers or officers, who have overall responsibility for all HR operations. These include advertising for staff and interviewing selected candidates, keeping employee records, organising training and development, adhering to health and safety regulations, and dealing with issues relating to pay and benefits. Salaries for management positions range from £18,000 up to £50,000
Many HR managers begin as assistants or administrators. These lower-level positions offer annual starting salaries of between £11,000 and £14,000, which could increase to £25,000 with more experience.
Duties vary according to the size and structure of the company but may include assisting with report preparation and presentation, playing a supportive role in the recruitment process and carrying out basic record-keeping duties.


Human Resources area has to do with unbiased practices and recruitment processes. Professionals in this area perform duties related to hiring, screening, recruiting and promoting employees. They also are required to create reward programs for company members and establishing communication channels between staff and management sector. These professionals can work for almost any industry because Human Resources area is a key factor for companies.

Human Resources professionals usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Creating communication channels.
• Hiring new employees.
• Training company members for new duties.
• Promoting employees to higher job placements.
• Designing reward programs.


• Having strong interpersonal abilities.
• Being organised.
• Having good problem solving skills.
• Having competent knowledge about employment legislation.
• Being able to work under pressure.
• Being diplomatic and trustworthy.
• Having good IT abilities.
• Having excellent written and spoken communication skills.
• Having competent commercial awareness.
• Being patient.


Human Resources jobs require a graduate or post graduate degree in this area. People dedicated to training fields need to have additional experience and skills related to the specific programs they teach. Some jobs, like assistants, require experience in HR and GCSE’s as a minimum. HR Officer applicants will need a Higher National Diploma, Higher National Certificate or a university degree.

Generally speaking, some HR jobs require a degree 2:1 as a minimum, so it is recommended to have a Human Resources Management Psychology or a related subject as an advantage for job application.

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