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A recruitment manager oversees the recruiting and human resource functions of a business. They are responsible for the drafting, interviewing, and selection of prospective employees. Recruitment managers may perform functions as they relate to their companies. The tasks of a manager in a typical business may differ from those of one in a recruitment firm.
Recruitment Managers:
i. Maintain, review and update human resource software applications
ii.  Supervise staff
iii.  Attend meetings, conferences and other appointments
iv.  Review, develop and implement policies and guidelines
v.  Advise department managers and staff on labor laws and regulations
vi.  Develop job descriptions and employee specifications
vii.  Design or review application forms and other HR documents
viii.  Approve prospective short lists and new hires
ix.  Perform job assessment and reviews
x.  Conduct redundancy exercise
xi.  Learn about new regulations and legislations
Recruitment managers earn attractive salaries. They also receive some benefits such as travelling, meal and uniform allowance, company cars, laptops, and cell phones. They work in recruitment firms and companies, consultancy agencies, and small or large businesses. They are in every type of industry. Though they keep normal office hours, as managers they work on weekends if necessary.


1. Have effective managerial and leadership skills
2. Be knowledgeable of labor laws and regulations
3. Be able to negotiate and lead teams
4. Be competent with budgets, targets and finances
5. Have an understanding of the current business climate and career trends
6. Be computer savvy
7. Be adept, self motivated, persistent and diligent
8. Be trustworthy, intuitive, organized and methodical
9. Have good interpersonal skills
10. Be approachable and quality oriented


Possessing an advanced degree in Human Resources Management or Human Resources Administration is advantageous for a Recruitment Manager. Managers should also be knowledgeable about industrial and labor relations, labor laws, and hiring practices. As these law changes over time, managers must continue their education to be familiar with new regulations.
Recruitment managers must have prior working experience in recruitment or human resource. Some companies offer in house training to recruitment employees who are prospects for managerial positions. These employees may also join professional associations and garner more certifications in Recruitment Practice.

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