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To keep a business on top of its field, continued training for employees is an important priority. This task is supervised by a development manager. By using development programs and specialised training, a company’s staff can build their skills, enhance their productivity and the quality of their output as well as generate loyalty and pride in the company.
A development manager is in charge of designing and implementing training activities for the employees. Both new hires and long-term staff need updated training over time. The manager also monitors the effectiveness of the training programs and modifies them when improvements are needed
These positions can be found in most major companies, working under human resources departments. Training often occurs in workshops, meetings or on the job. Companies prefer candidates which have a Masters degree in human resources or labour relations. They should also possess excellent communication and people skills. Salaries in this field are generally very good, averaging at around £53,000 per year.


Organizing, coordinating, and managing training programs within an organization are the roles of a development manager. Businesses require employees to be effective and have the skills necessary to do their job. Training managers identify the skills required, and provide training for these employees.

Functions may include:
i. Conducting or reviewing staff performance or proficiency evaluations
ii. Outsourcing skills development to training providers or institutions
iii. Building up in house training resources
iv. Creating, proposing, and controlling development finances
v. Drafting development proposals
vi. Working with other team leaders, managers in assessing training needs
vii. Conducting training sessions

Training and development managers work in different businesses and are not limited to any one industry. In addition, some managers work in educational institutions as part time trainers. These managers work mostly onsite at a company but occasionally visit institutions or locations for training. They receive attractive salary packages and often double their income once they become senior training managers or directors. Due to the efforts of training managers, companies see a direct correlation to increased productivity, quality of work, and increase in profits.


1. Strong numeric or arithmetic skills
2. First-rate computer application or software and IT skills
3. Excellent communication proficiency
4. Exceptional leadership expertise
5. Experience in Learning and Development
6. Be able to meet targets
7. Be honorable, amicable, hospitable, and people oriented.
8. Be able to create, develop and manage projects effective
9. Be able to design, and/or develop training programs and resources
10. Be a good motivator, communicator, and negotiator
11. Be able to manage people, budgets, and teams
12. A member of a relevant professional body


Training and Development managers are required to have bachelors degree or higher. Preferable areas of study include human resources, communications, or business. Managers usually gain experience from working as a training officer. This assists them in transitioning to a development manager’s position. Having MBA qualifications is an advantage for applicants in this position. A common practice for these managers is to join a Personnel and Development association or body that is widely recognized. Development managers are lifelong students as they are required to have a have up-to-date knowledge and knowhow of the latest methodologies and technologies.

Development managers access training courses in:
i.    NVQ Level 3 or higher
ii.    Certificates in Training or Personnel Practice
iii.    Training programs with Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
iv.    Professional Development Scheme
v.    Training and Development programs at the post graduate and masters level

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