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The recruitment consultant performs the job formerly undertaken by a company’s personnel department by advertising positions, interviewing candidates and giving a short-list to the employer for further consideration. Most recruitment consultancies work in particular employment sectors such as banking or IT. Jobs vary from entry-level to highly specialised senior positions with high salaries. Before a job is advertised, a relationship is built up with the client company to ensure its staff needs are fully met.
A diverse and demanding role, the job demands excellent communications skills both with client companies and prospective employees, a talent for headhunting, knowledge of advertising techniques, the preparation of CVs and the negotiation of salaries and benefits as well as regular reviews of client companies’ recruitment policies to comply with changes in employment laws. A degree, preferably in human resources, is a basic requirement, as is financial motivation, confidence and ambition.
Although entry-level trainee salaries start low at an average of £18,000, prospects here are excellent, especially in London. Average departmental managerial salaries include commission and bonuses, topping out at £60,000 or more and including many fringe benefits.


Recruitment Consultants are needed by organisations to find the best applicants for their job vacancies. They are responsible for attracting candidates for application process and then fill a certain number of vacancies each week. These professionals use their knowledge and skills to help their clients to select the most suitable candidates for a company. They can help to contract new employees for temporary or permanent jobs.

Recruitment Consultants usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Advertising vacancies appropriately.
• Receiving applicants.
•   Checking suitability of applicants.
• Informing candidates about interview results.
• Offering advice to candidates and clients.


• Being able to work with a team.
• Having customer service skills.
• Being able to handle multiple tasks.
• Having good communication skills.
• Having good problem solving techniques.
• Being able to work under stressful circumstances.
• Having sales orientation.
• Being motivated.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Having administrative skills.


Many Recruitment Consultant jobs are open to receive candidates from different backgrounds, without specific academic qualifications. Some recommended degrees for this area are marketing, public relations, and human resources, though many employers value attitude and skills more than qualifications. Among valuable skills for companies are excellent telephone manners and experience in sales or marketing.

There are qualifications for practising recruitment consultants offered by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Among courses offered by these institutions are degrees, certificates, and diplomas in Recruitment Practice and NVQ level 3 in Recruitment.

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