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The factory worker is someone who works within a factory in which products are manufactured. The responsibilities of the worker are dependent on the specific output of the factory. The work usually involves packaging, operating machinery, quality control or processing foods. There are many possible roles for a factory worker, depending on the type of factory and the work dynamics
The employee usually works either individually or part of a crew, and has to work according to strict rules and instructions. They are required to follow standard protocol regarding health and safety policies and procedures
No specific academic qualifications are required for this role, but it is expected that workers will posses knowledge of the products being manufactured in the factory of work. An understanding of quality control is also preferable as well as the ability to use machinery and work as part of a team. An understanding of health and safety legislation is an asset. Good timekeeping is essential with this job.
The average annual salary for a factory worker is £15,000 per year.


Factory or production workers are required to manufacture parts and goods for different companies and industries. Among sectors they work for are food and drink, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and construction. They work with other members in the same team under supervision of a shift leader. Duties of these workers are done in the production line, assembling goods or using machinery for other tasks.

Factory workers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Using forklift trucks.
• Assembling goods.
• Cleaning work areas.
• Monitoring production process.
• Grading batches of raw materials.


• Being able to work with a team.
• Being flexible and proactive.
• Having knowledge about safety regulations.
• Being able to follow instructions.
• Being methodical.
• Having good eyesight and colour vision.
• Having suitable fitness level.
• Being able to do repetitive tasks.
• Being patient and careful.
• Having knowledge about products manufactured in the factory.


Job placements in Factory sector do not require specific academic qualifications, but it is recommended to have GCSE´s including Math and English. Some employers test candidates´ skills through different practical tests in the selection process. Apprenticeships schemes are available for people who want to get into jobs for this area.

There are NVQ qualifications that can be obtained on the job, such as Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical Manufacture levels 1 to 4, Performing Manufacturing Operations levels 1 and 2, and Food Manufacture levels 1 to 3.

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