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The production engineer is employed by manufacturers in most sectors, and usually works alongside production staff and technicians, developing, installing, procuring and maintaining equipment used in the manufacturing process. The job often involves shift work where non-stop production lines are used. Flexibility and a prompt analytical response to emergencies are important aspects of the job, as are handling production expenditure and giving training and tech support on new machines and processes. The position also involves the analysis of data and the production of graphs and progress charts
Employers look for high levels of technical skill as well as prioritising and planning abilities, effective communication, computer skills and good decision-making abilities. Project and stress management skills are also important, as is a willingness to work in trying conditions. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering is expected, although those with lesser qualifications have opportunities to continue their education while working
Salaries for the position depend on qualification and experience but average around £35,000.


Businesses that manufacture or process vehicles, airplanes, clothing, chemicals, food, drink or equipment, may hire Production Engineers. They are involved in developing and overseeing the equipment and machinery used in the manufacturing or production processes. Their technical expertise often leads to the assessment and procurement of requisite equipment. They may work in conjunction with other engineers, production staff, and technicians.

Their industry requires them to be very flexible and work on shift or overtime systems, especially if there is a work demand or emergency. Their salaries are good and they have to deal with hot and dirty environments around machines constantly generating even more heat.

A Production Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Handling budget and expenditure
• Analysing operational issues
• Accessing new processes
• Installing new equipment
• Doing quality checks
• Providing technical support and training
• Drafting manufacturing documentation
• Meeting project deadlines
• Analysing data, charts and graphs


• Being highly technical and thorough
• Being professional and proficient
• Understanding manufacturing processes
• Working in diverse environments
• Planning and prioritising activities
• Communicating and presenting data effectively
• Understanding engineering, scientific and other technical information
• Using the computer and its applications
• Making smart decisions
• Resolving problems in an efficient manner
• Applying health and safety practices
• Managing stressful situations and projects
• Collaborating in team activities


Employers expect that Production Engineers will have their Bachelors or Masters Degree, due to the nature of their job. Some begin their careers with lesser certifications and then continue their education later. These qualifications include:

•    HND/HNC
•    GCSEs (A-C)
•    BTEC

For graduates who have finical constraints, organisations like the Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) allows you to access prizes and awards to continue your education. Some of these prizes include the Whitworth Scholarship Awards, where you will be able to pursue a first or second degree in Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering.

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