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The role of a mechanic is to repair vehicles and make routine maintenance checks to ensure that a vehicle is running as it should be. Mechanics need to have a good technical knowledge of a wide range of vehicles, a high level of attention to detail and be able to work well with customers, maintaining a patient and friendly attitude.
Many people come into this role through an apprenticeship, which is completed over a number of years and is the ideal way to get hands on with the job and start making some money. Most companies look for someone with a good education and high grades in English, maths and science
The job offers great prospects for career development and many people who start out working for an employer go on to set up their own business. The average salary for this job is around £24,000 per year, though this figure varies greatly depending on experience and age.


Mechanics are required to repair and maintain different types of vehicles, such as lorries, motorcycles, vans, cars, coaches, and buses. They perform restorative and preventative work on gears, brakes, engine, air conditioning, security features, fuel pump, etc. These workers test new vehicles to find faults and carry out routine servicing of cars.

A Mechanic usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Reading technical drawings.
• Advising customers about technical issues.
• Testing vehicles.
• Using diagnostic equipment.
• Replacing faulty parts.


• Having good manual dexterity.
• Being able to work alone.
• Having a suitable fitness level.
• Being able to follow instructions.
• Having good communication skills.
• Having excellent knowledge about motor technology.
• Being methodical and organised.
• Having good concentration.
• Being able to work to strict deadlines.
• Having strong interest in motor vehicles.


Most Mechanic jobs offer their own training schemes for candidates, so it is not obligatory to have specific academic qualifications. Some employers require good GCSE’s in Technology, Science, English and Math. Apprenticeships in this area include theoretical and practical experience and sometimes offer BTEC or City & Guilds certificates in a related subject.

Applicants can obtain their own certificates, such as City & Guilds Vehicle Maintenance and Repair or a BTEC National Certificate in Vehicle Repair and Technology by studying in other education institutions.

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