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Vacancies for a production leader occur in the media related industries of event management, broadcasting, and digital media. The role covers the organisation of programs in what ever form that may take. In the case of event management production, the leader has to coordinate all aspects of the event from construction through to the staged performances or demonstrations.
An ability to bring together many different aspects of a production is vital so organisational skills plus being able to prioritise is important. A degree level education is required for the position, and this can be in a related subject or an art-based course. The production leader in an advertising agency or in-house department is responsible for the delivery of material to the various clients. It is therefore important that the relationship between account managers and the incumbent is good, with a smooth flow of information and communication.
Good people skills and the ability to work with creative individuals are assets and part of a job which will attract a salary of up to £30,000 per annum.


Creating and developing a strategy to launch a product on the market is the responsibility of a Production Leader. These Leaders typically work in the Marketing, Sales and Public Relations industries. They work with engineering, pharmaceutical, computer, telecommunications, retail and manufacturing companies.
Production Leaders are integral to product service. Their decisions or ideas directly impact how successful a product will be once it gets to the market. They manage clients, develop sales strategies, pricing and work with advertising and marketing staff.
A Production Leader usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Delegating tasks
•  Setting production schedules
• Improving production processes
•  Managing production operators
•  Preparing production reports
•  Coaching employees
•  Conducting performance evaluations


• Team management and leadership, including coaching skils
• Project management in environments where attention to details is of utmost importance
• Communication
• Organisation
• Presentation
• Stress management
• Being analytical to resolve issues and make important decisions with determination
• Information technology
• Relating to people


People who are interested in working as Production Leaders should have a Bachelors or Masters Degree. This degree should be in a Business related area such as Marketing, Business Administration or Management. A HNC or HND in Business or Marketing is also acceptable.

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