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A production manager is essential for helping to plan, organise, coordinate and control production within an organisation. The main responsibility is to ensure that goods and services are produced efficiently and are of correct quantity, quality and cost. The manager must also produce goods at the right price and on time to meet the customer’s demands
The duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the type of production system, such as process production, batch production, jobbing production, or mass production. Some of the duties include estimating production costs, monitoring the production practices and working out the human and material resources required
To be suitable to fill the position, an applicant must be able to behave decisively and easily grasp complex concepts. Excellent planning, organisation and negotiating skills are needed, as well as the ability to pay attention to detail. Self-confidence and patience are a benefit, as is the ability to motivate co-workers and colleagues. You must also be able to operate in a logical and systematic manner, and good judgment is crucial
A production manager should have a Bachelors degree in a related field. In the UK, the salary for the role is usually between £26,460 and £39,883, depending on experience and location.


Production Managers handle the development and organization of industrialized processes. They monitor the means of production to ensure that they are operating smoothly, and they check the products for defects, fault or low quality. These managers are responsible for mass, process and batch production.

These professional are not only integral to the planning, product design and purchasing processes, they are also involved in the control and supervision stages as well. Depending on the scale of the business they might be lesser involved in these aspects, as the business would employ supervisors, engineers, planners and other production staff to monitor individual areas separately.

The scope of their jobs as mentioned before depends on the company size, location and growth. This also affects their salary which is good by all standards. Their jobs require a lot of involvement in managing, and offering problem solving strategies.

A Production Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Networking with professionals in management
• Motivating workers
• Checking that quality standards are met
• Meeting deadlines
• Managing the requests for raw materials
• Communicating with staff
• Attending meetings, trainings and workshops
• Being responsible for health and safety
• Providing training and staff development opportunities


• Multitasking
• Professionalism and punctuality
• People and time management
• Collaboration and adaptability
• Preparing reports
• Project management
• Information technology
• Being decisive and committed
• Managing budgets
• Stress management
• Communication and presentation
• Being positive and motivational


Studying courses such as Quality Management, Logistics, Materials Technology, Industrial Technology, Food Science or Mechanical Engineering can help you get into a job as a Production Manager. Having a Bachelors or Masters Degree in these areas, makes it easier for job applicants to access these opportunities and be accepted by employers. Due to the scale of their responsibilities these managers need to be able to handle their various responsibilities, which may include managing budgets, preparing reports, or accounting.

Some Production Managers begin their careers as apprentices. Entering the industry with certifications such as HND, HNC, BTEC, and NVQ; then working with experienced managers to develop their knowledge and skills. There are other accepted certifications that will give you the skills to work in Production Management. These include:

•    Institute of Operations Management (IOM)
•    Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
•    Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
•    Chartered Quality Institute (CQI).

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