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Quality Managers are responsible for developing, revising and implementing quality standards and policies in an organization. Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and consistently meeting the required international or business standards are also their responsibility. These managers implement systems that facilitate productivity, improve processes and guarantees efficacy.
Quality Managers:
a. Supervise quality assurance staff
b. Perform quality assessments
c. Employ, and sustain quality standards
d. Consult with department managers
e. Communicate with internal and external clients
f.  Train employees on quality measures and company policies
g. Investigate systems’ failures and issues
h. Coordinate and direct the implementation of new standards into practice
i.  Pursue self development and training in current quality principles
Their job roles are dependent on the size of the company. Some managers communicate with customers on quality issues, or work with security and administrative teams to maintain proper standards. Quality managers who work with science or engineering companies may work on shifts, while those in traditional organizations work during business hours. Managers in this role are often referred to as Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA) administrators, managers, or directors.


1. Be cognizant and knowledgeable of quality standards and models
2. Be strategic, methodical, logical and detail oriented
3. Be an excellent communicator
4. Be multitalented and able to perform different roles
5. Have good supervisory, management and networking capabilities
6. Have superior mathematical and numeric skills
7. Have proficient interpretation skills for figures, statistics, regulations and policies
8. Be able to investigate, document, and maintain records accurately
9. Be extremely professional, customer friendly and amenable


To become a professional in quality management one must have prior experience in quality control and/or management. Quality managers’ qualifications are relevant to their job position. It is acceptable to have a degree or masters degree. However, some managers attain additional certification from Quality Management Institutes or societies.
Managers do need to study courses such as auditing, report writing, international quality standards, quality management systems and various ISO courses. Quality Managers must be knowledgeable about international standards such as the BS 7799 Information Security Management System standards, ISO 14001 Environmental standards, and ISO 9000 quality management standards.

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