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Many positions as a driving instructor, in addition to offering attractive salaries, provide a range of perks. These can include company cars, flexible work hours, independence and the opportunity to work on a self-employed basis.
The ideal candidate will generally be expected to provide some pre-existing level of qualification, a commitment to essential standards, and the ability to help students reach their full potential
Though many roles involve training learner drivers of cars, some openings for training of commercial drivers (PCV, HGV and LGV) or emergency response vehicles require the provision of an even higher degree of driving aptitude and skill. Many driving instructor roles offer the opportunity to work towards becoming a franchise operator, which offers maximum flexibility
Established automobile driving instructors can expect salaries ranging up to between £35,000 and £45,000, though for some positions in the public sector, this can be closer to £20,000. Trainee instructors will generally be looking at annual salaries of £15,000 to £20,000.


Driving Instructors are responsible for tutoring the process of people who want to have their driving licence. They educate applicants on how to drive safely, by developing their skills needed to pass the driving theory and practical examinations. These instructors need to adapt their teaching plan according to learner´s skills and knowledge.

Driving Instructors usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Teaching theory about driving.
• Supervising practical examinations.
• Advising about skills to be developed.
• Monitoring progresses.
• Explaining driving techniques.


• Being able to give clear instructions.
• Being an excellent driver.
• Having high attention to details.
• Having interpersonal abilities.
• Having basic vehicle maintenance skills.
• Being able to concentrate for long periods of time.
• Being able to stay calm under emergency situations.
• Having good communication abilities.
• Having knowledge about the Highway Code.
• Being self motivated.


There is not a specific set of academic qualifications to be a Driving Instructor, but it is not a suitable area for school leavers because it requires applicants with 21 years old to be an Approved Driving Instructor trainee for the Driving Standards Agency. Some job placements require that applicants have work experience on customer service or vocational training skills. Other relevant experience for this area is to have training related to logistics, driving, or passenger transport.

Registration in the Driving Standards Agency requires a full driving licence for four years as a minimum, a complete motoring conviction and criminal record check, and passing a theory test and two practical exams within two years of the theory test.

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