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At its most basic level, the training manager typically requires the ability to oversee a group of trainers in any given field. Experience monitoring work standards, assessing and maintaining quality of deliverables, liaising with clients, developing training programmes, and introducing new tools and techniques is frequently required.
Many roles also require the ability to work with other members of management, the marketing team and, of course, trainers to ensure targets are met. In some cases, the manager will at least be rewarded for cultivating new business and clients, if not explicitly required to do so
Successful candidates will usually have backgrounds in training, with proven experience in relevant fields of instruction being a plus. It should go without saying that a high-degree of communication skill is generally a pre-requisite. Most roles demand self-starters with the ability to work independently as well as integrate into a team
Roles in professional organisations, such as large legal firms, can pay salaries that range from £50,000 to £100,000. The majority of positions, however, will offer OTE earnings of between £35,000 and £45,000 plus benefits.


Training managers work to ensure employees are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to complete their tasks successfully. They devise strategies and methods to train staff members or provide programs on job functions, the working environment, or coping skills. Training managers sometimes delegate the handling of instruction to training officers and review the quality and efficiency of their work.
These instructors may use various equipment or technologies to get the information out to employees. With the developments in today’s businesses, employees are not able to access training from their desks using learning management systems. Training managers work to update and implement courses. Some managers use face-to-face tactics to train staff members, such as audiovisual aids or simple ‘chalk and talk’ methods.
Training managers:
•  Develop and implement training programs
•  Produce training materials, manuals or documentation
•  Use audiovisual aids, computers, and teaching applications
•  Manage a training budget
•  Organize fiscal reports and analysis
• Prepare feedback or reports on training groups, targets and accomplishments
• Coordinate with departmental managers
•  Customize department training strategies or modules
Training managers work flexible hours. They observe the normal office hours; however, they work overtime if required. They obtain good salaries and receive job benefits. Their benefits are dependent on the company, or contractual agreements. Some training managers travel from office base to training facilities, or external training providers. If so, they get a travelling allowance.


• Being an excellent trainer and leader
• Being able to inspire and motivate
• Have good planning, presentation, time and project management skills
• Being professional, ethical and persuasive
• Being strategic, analytical, critical and creative
• Knowledge and expertise in training and instructional methods
• Being able to utilize presentation, computer and software applications or equipment
• Being innovative and a visionary
• Being able to develop training curriculum, documentation or manuals
• Being resourceful


Training officers often move on to become training managers. They require expertise in the area in which they operate. Training managers typically have certification or qualification in their field. It is advantageous to possess training prerequisites as well. Technologies and instructional methodologies update frequently; managers must maintain current knowledge of these developments.
Training managers may work within training departments or as a single training employee. Therefore, to attain this position graduates must be competent professionals and have managerial skills. Having a high-level degree such as masters solidifies your expertise with employers. This makes it easier for promotion, to higher positions.

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