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Being a school teacher is a vocation that provides individuals with the satisfaction of nurturing young minds and giving them the necessary skills to function in life. Well respected educators are the ones who can impart knowledge and at the same time build a strong rapport with pupils.
Candidates for jobs at infant, primary, secondary or independent schools in the UK are expected to be well-versed in their particular subject, to prepare and teach lessons in line with their establishment’s curriculum, function as part of a team that has students’ best interests at heart and be positive and professional at all times.
School teachers applying for positions at institutes for younger pupils need BEd degrees in science, mathematics and English, while secondary school educators are usually required to hold the degree in the subject they will be teaching. BA and BSc holders with PGCEs and QTS certification are also eligible for most of the positions advertised in the UK
There are openings for candidates at schools throughout the UK. Newly qualified teachers should apply prior to the start of the school year in September. Novice teachers can expect a starting salary of around £24,000 which rises to a maximum of £39,000 for those with experience, or in the position of head of department.


Doing the necessary and relevant job of teaching and grooming students are School Teachers. They work in our academic institutions typically five days a week; and sometimes they work during the weekends. They are required to attend staff meetings and work along with parents, keeping them up to date on their children’s educational development. The tasks and responsibilities of kindergarten teachers and high school teachers will be different; for example, a kindergarten teacher will have more hands on, physical interactions with children.
School Teachers work in a number of institutions, including foundation schools, technology colleges, special needs institutes, young offenders' institutions, army centres, community centres, Primary or Secondary schools.
A School Teacher usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Marking coursework
• Setting exams
• Mentoring students
• Planning lessons
• Preparing materials
• Keeping records
• Taking registers
Organising field trips
• Helping with extra-curricular activities


• Communicating and listening effectively
• Stress management
• Project management
• Motivation and leadership
• Professionalism
• Team work and planning
• Managing diversity
• Being confident and resilient
• Being flexible and approachable
• Managing interpersonal relationships


In the teaching profession the qualification requirements may vary from institution to institution, however one thing remains the same: the need for a background or security check. This is always mandatory. School Teachers will also need to have a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  Teachers can specialise in any subject area including Dance, Music, Arts, History, Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Commerce or Geology. They should pursue a Bachelors of Education or higher degree in any of these areas. Other acceptable qualifications and requirements may include:
•    Initial teacher training (ITT)
•    Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
•    GCSEs (A-C)
•    Registered Teacher Programme (RTP)
•    Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP)
•    Advanced Skills Teacher (AST)
•    Excellent Teacher (ET)

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