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A nursery assistant plays an important role in assisting in the care of young children. They plan and organise both fun and educational activities and take care of children’s personal needs. Nurseries, which may be run by schools, community groups or local authorities, usually open from 8am to 6pm or from 7am to 7pm. Nursery assistants, therefore, need to be punctual, reliable workers who are good at early starts
Non-qualified assistants would need to be supervised during their work with children. It is possible to train on the job, working towards an NVQ Level 2 in early years care or an equivalent qualification. Those who have attained Level 3 are permitted to work unsupervised.
However, employers usually require their workers to be qualified from the start, and a minimum of six weeks’ experience in working with children up to five years of age is nearly always asked for. Candidates for the position are also required to have a valid CRB. Salaries average out at £13,125 but can be as low as £11,200. With experience and higher qualifications, it is possible to earn up to £17,000.


Providing professional childcare is the responsibility of a Nursery Assistant. These professionals take care of, play with or teach children while they are at the Nursery in the day time. They must be highly trustworthy and attentive to children’s needs. They may also bathe them and take care of their hygiene needs. A Nursery Assistant job can be found almost anywhere because there is always a need to take care of young children.
A Nursery Assistant usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Supervising children play time
• Engaging children in learning and pay activities
• Keeping and updating records
• Working with team members
• Maintaining a high standard or operation
• Attending staff meetings


• Working and Playing With Children
• Being Proactive and Motivated
• Leadership and Organisation
• Professionalism and Teamwork
• Communication and Listening
• Knowledge Of Children’s Story and Nursery Rhymes
• Being Flexible and Understanding
• Being Happy and Funny
• Stress Management and Control
• Initiative and Time Management
• Taking Care Of Children


Being a Nursery Assistant involves having extensive knowledge of children. It requires knowing what makes them happy; keeping them entertained and being able to teach them in a way that they can readily understand. Many educational institutions specialise in this field and individuals can study Teaching, Child Care, Social work, Education or subject specific teaching. There are courses to be taken in NVS, NNEB, CACHE, or SVQ.

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