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The teaching profession is a vocation which offers the ultimate job satisfaction as schooldays are a vital part of everyone’s lives. Teachers who have imparted wisdom and given enjoyable lessons are remembered by pupils for the rest of their lives.
Individuals entering teaching institutes are expected to show a professional attitude and a proactive approach to teaching as well as work as part of the staff team. Successful applicants are required to be prepared for and to teach their periods with panache.
A BEd, BA or BSc is the minimum requirement needed to secure a position at an educational institute in the UK. Applicants for primary teacher positions with core subject BEds or other degrees and PGCEs with QTS certification are frequently given preference. Secondary and college teachers need relevant degrees and qualifications for their subjects
Schools, colleges and universities all over the nation have openings for teaching staff, although there are more in the months before the start of the academic year in September. Annual salary packages range from £24,000 up to £42,000.


Teachers work in many different environments or levels. They operate in primary, secondary, tertiary, or adult educational institutions. Instructors teach children, teenagers, or adults. Teachers may work in specialized training, such as working with children with disabilities or with learning challenges. An educator may choose to teach many or one specific subject or course area. This may include English, algebra, business, management, writing, psychology, Latin, music, or medicine. 
Instructors must be conversant and proficient in using various teaching strategies. They must understand the needs of their learners and be able to apply the best methods for their learning. Teachers must be able to use different aids for learning. They may include audiovisual aids, computers, experiments, field trips or other practical methods.
Teachers perform the following functions:
• Carry students out to educational tours or trips
• Coordinate after school activities, groups, or clubs
• Prepare reports, or lessons
• Attend staff meetings, outings or conferences
• Act responsibly and be role models
• Attend parent meetings 
• Consulting administrators
• Supporting or mentoring students
• Consult or meet with parents
• Marking papers, assignments and reports
Teachers receive good salary packages and benefits. Their salary is dependent on teaching experience, the type of school, location, or job position. Public and private school salaries differ. In addition, salaries may be dependent on whether the school receives grants from the government. Teaching is a popular, demanding and can be a high stress career. Persons interested in this job should have the relevant competencies, aptitude, and skills.


• Be able to correspond effectually in a verbal or written form
• Be able to garner the motivation and interest of pupils
• Be self motivated, diligent and energetic
• Be able to maintain a calm demeanour and handle stress
• Be able to relate to people from diverse cultures or backgrounds
• Be patient, compassionate, disciplined and flexible
• Be organized and strategic
• Be able to work with teams
• Have great interpersonal abilities
• Have knowledge and execution of various instructional methods, strategies, learning modalities
• Be able to prepare lesson guidelines, content, student assessments, and reports
• Be able tounderstand personalities and behaviours


Teachers must have proper qualifications or mastery of their field. Graduates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in the area they will be teaching. Teachers must have a qualification that is at a higher level than the group they are instructing. In Universities, teachers usually have a doctorate or masters, in secondary institutions a first degree upwards.
Being formally trained as an educator or having a degree in education is valuable. There are schools that require teachers to have teacher training certification or status. Some institutions require physical, mental, or psychological evaluation of their teachers, due to the nature of the job. There are programs that allow graduates to work in public schools gaining teaching experience.

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