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The position of administration assistant is available in all employment sectors and is often regarded as a stepping stone to management or supervisory roles. Efficiency in general office duties is mandatory, but the work schedule will involve higher-grade computer and personal skills than those of an entry-level admin assistant as well as more time spent on a computer.
Required skills include proficiency in English, comprehensive computer skills and a professional outlook. The job’s administrative support element will depend on the company’s size and sector, and can be either general or specialised. Levels of responsibility vary, with combined responsibilities usual in the education, charity and health sectors
Required skills are easily developed, with many companies offering in-house apprenticeships in business and administration or encouraging promising employees to take vocational courses and degrees. Training by experienced colleagues is the norm, as is working alone and prioritising the workload
The salary offered to an administration assistant will depend on the size of the firm, the status of the job and the applicant’s qualifications and previous experience, as well as the company location. At present, the average is between £20,000 and £25,000.


Administration Assistants perform clerical and administrative functions in an office. In some companies, they have the job title administrative assistant, clerical assistant, clerk, office junior, clerical worker, office administrator, personal assistant or secretary. Assistants may be promoted to supervisor, administrative officer, secretary, or office manager positions.
The responsibilities of an Administration Assistant include:
• Managing correspondence
• Retrieving documents
• Maintaining data entry applications
• Reception duties
• Managing the cleaning staff
• Writing meeting notes
• Support managers and colleagues
• Greeting and assisting guests
• Maintaining filing systems.
• Directing calls from switchboard
• Answering phone calls
• Responding to faxes
• Distributing posts
• Scheduling appointments and travel arrangements
• Booking hotels, and conference rooms
The salary of an administration assistant is dependent on responsibilities, level, location and company size. Assistants work up to 40 hours and overtime or flexitime if necessary. They operate form an office, in a cubicle or at a location at the entrance of the building or office.


• Initiative
• Professionalism
• Prioritising tasks
• Telephone conversations
• Organisation and record keeping
• Information technology skills
• Handling office equipment
• Team working skills
• Technical skills
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Methodical
• Typing skills
• Communication and grammar
• Mathematical skills
• Accuracy
• Consistent performance


The following qualifications are acceptable for Administration Assistant jobs:
•    NVQ Diplomas in Business and Administration
•    BTEC Business Administration Certificates
•    European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
•    Business, Administration and Finance diplomas
•    LCCIEB (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board)
•    OCR Certificates and Diplomas in Administration
•    GCSEs including Maths and English
•    SVQ in Business Administration
•    Education Development International (EDI) Certificates in Business Administration Practice
•    Bachelors or Masters degree in business, administration or management

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