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Those known as an administrator are essential in the day-to-day operations of every type of organisation. Individuals working in these positions are generally responsible for supporting the business/organisation in several ways, which may include scheduling, bookkeeping, communications, data entry, secretarial services and assisting other professionals, among numerous other duties
There are endless areas of specialisation for those working in administration; common areas are education, database services, healthcare, communications/networking, contracts and websites. Most applicants will be required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree, ideally in computer science or mathematics for those seeking IT-related posts
The average salary for an administrator working in the United Kingdom depends on the industry and the exact nature of the position at hand. General office administration positions typically pay between £15,000 and £30,000 per year. Those working with databases and websites see figures from £25,000 to around £50,000 per year, whilst education administration professionals can expect a salary stretching from about £15,000 to £20,000 per year.


Administrators perform a multifunctional job. Their jobs entail managing, coordinating with managerial staff, working with teams, planning, or overseeing the facilities operations. In many companies, an administrator’s job is integral to the day-to-day functionality of the business. If there are environmental, office resource, or administrative issues the administrator resolves them.
In some smaller businesses, the administrator may be in charge of some human resource, accounting, and training functions. For example, interviewing, hiring, training, and assessing employees; or developing budgets, financial reports and procuring office supplies or resources. Administrators may transition into other positions such as that of general manager. As their jobs can be very demanding and is integral to the business, they are required to be very proficient and consistent.
Administrators may:
i. Manage office equipment
ii.  Liaise with facilities stakeholders
iii.  Maintain an enjoyable and clean working environment
iv.  Manage clerical and other administrative staff
v. Handle the distribution of correspondence and customary clerical tasks
vi. Arrange, organize, and coordinate meetings
vii. Handle internal or external communication or management systems
Administrators typically keep normal business hours. They receive good compensation packages. Their benefits may include pension, vacation, insurance, sick days, among other allowances. If they are required to travel, as a part of their functions, they receive travelling funds as well.


1. Be a team player
2. Be detailed and accurate
3. Be dependable and truthful
4. Be motivated and dedicated
5. Have strong organizational, grammar and communication skills
6. Be able to work and compile data and reports
7. Have focus and resilience
8. Be able to make capable and effective decisions
9. Be able to prioritize, and manage tasks
10. Be pleasant, professional and proficient


Administrators must possess qualifications in business. They should possess an MBA or other Masters degree. If they do not possess a master’s degree, having a first degree and experience is also valuable. Some companies offer training or job shadowing programs. Administrators should be lifelong learners, always developing and improving their skills.

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