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Employees in all positions of the public sector are valued by the public for the service that they offer, which is widely considered to be for the good of society in general.
There are vacancies in the public sector for individuals with experience in areas that include social work, accountancy, urban planning, law, horticulture and leisure services. Experienced candidates are expected to perform duties pertinent to their position and with the professionalism that the general public respects.
Trades people working for the government need to be qualified in their particular field and preferably in possession of on-the-job NVQ certificates. Accountants, lawyers and urban planners, for example, should have a degree in their subject as well as affiliation with relevant professional bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the case of the former.
Job holders in this field tend to be based in the big urban districts and cities of the UK. Yearly salaries range from around £12,500 a year for trainee horticultural workers to a maximum of £60,000 per annum for a care home manager.


Public Sector is a wide area with a big variety of positions to offer to graduates. People working in this business have the opportunity to team up with others to give something back to society and change people’s lives. There are various jobs in this sector, including maintenance, attorneys and physicians. Public sector workers can write and uphold laws, plan towns, collect taxes, etc.

Public Sector people usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Creating town plans.
• Improving educational plans.
• Maintaining roadways.
• Doing social service.
•   Collecting taxes.


• Having a desire to help others
• Having focus and determination.
• Being committed to train.
• Being a good listener.
• Being methodical and careful.
• Having good communication skills.
• Having competent IT abilities.
• Being able to do several tasks and the same time.
• Being an excellent researcher.
• Having teamwork abilities.


There are many schemes available to join the Public Sector. Having a degree is also welcomed, having no specific requirements for several positions. It all depends of the chosen area, because education and healthcare jobs require better and longer training. Many industries in this area offer specific training programs to develop applicant abilities.

In other cases, for instance accounting technician, the applicant will need specific degrees such as GCSE’s with S grades (A-C/1-3). Trainee accountant jobs require A levels/H grades and CIPFA professional qualification.

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