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Jobs in government are wide-ranging, from civil servants to parliamentary positions such as lobbyists, PR, researchers, IT, communications, analysts and every type of back office work. Careers in this area can take many forms, with most positions involving administration in one of the 66 government agencies and 23 Whitehall departments, all of which work with the government of the day on policies and their formulation. Administrators work in teams, proactively contributing to the running of the country.
Excellent people skills are a number one requirement, with an understanding of working to budgets and an impartial interest in the political arena close seconds.
Management and IT skills, working under pressure within deadlines, formulating and delivering researched and analysed policies are all part of the job. Graduate entry is via a bachelor’s degree, with economics, business studies and business administration favoured subjects. UK citizens may apply, with 75 per cent of jobs also open to Commonwealth and EU member state citizens
Entry level salaries start at £15,000 up to £27,000, with middle management jobs paying up to £45,000. Salaries for London-based positions are higher and benefits are generous.


People working on Government areas are required to ensure that communities and country run without problems. This sector is composed by three main areas including local government, regional and devolved government, and central government and civil service. Some duties related to this area have to do with policy delivery, project management, corporate services, and operational delivery of services.

People working on Government usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Creating projects.
• Providing services.
• Analysing government policies.
• Controlling budgets.
• Producing reports.


• Being able to motivate others.
• Having IT skills.
• Having interpersonal abilities.
• Being proactive and flexible.
• Having high attention to details.
• Having math skills.
• Having problem solving abilities.
• Being assertive and tactful.
• Having good written and spoken communication skills.
• Being able to work under pressure.


A good option to enter to Government job placements is to follow the Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme run by the Civil Service. These courses prepare candidates for senior management through placements between 12 and 18 months. There are jobs only available to United Kingdom nationals, but others are open to European Economic Area nationals or Commonwealth Citizens.

One requirement for Fast Stream mentioned before is that applicants need 2:2 in any subject as a minimum. This programme offers courses in Human Resources, Technology in Business, Economy, Statistics, among others.

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