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Executive personal assistants generally provide administrative support to an executive within a company. Their responsibilities include filing, typing, answering telephones, dealing with emails, drawing up invoices and other administrative tasks within an office, to lighten the workload of the executive.
Other tasks may include booking flights and hotels, setting up appointments, creating presentations and liaising with clients and external agencies. PAs require an extensive knowledge of the organisation and the role of the executive. Executives rely on their PAs so it is vital that persons in such a role can work effectively in the absence of the executive they are serving
The skills required for this job include the competent computer, communication and organisational skills. It is desirable for the applicant to have a good understanding of the field of the organisation and the ability to use one’s own initiative, both of which improve the chances of employment. A qualification in business, management or administration is helpful in finding a job as an executive PA. The average salary applicants can expect is £20,000 per year.


Personal assistants (PAs) at this level do any number of assignments including filing, typing, faxing, answering calls, to doing invoice reconciliation, diary management and often managing events in the personal lives of their employers. They run errands, pickup dry cleaning, and send birthday cards. Being an executive within a multinational company is demanding and it is a job with many responsibilities. The PAs who work for these executives must be equally effective, talented, organized, and proficient in all their duties.
Executive Personal Assistants work with senior managers, top executives, and directors of a company. They offer administrative or clerical support. These PAs work in a demanding job that requires them to work long hours and perform duties that lightens the stress on their bosses. The benefits and remuneration however can be very lucrative.
An Executive PA usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Maintaining confidentiality
• Assisting with any administrative task
• Setting appointments
• Booking hotels, flights, rooms
• Organizing reports
• Making phone calls
• Managing projects
• Reconciling invoices
• Transcribing notes
• Performing internet research
• Liaising with clients
• Creating PowerPoint presentations


• Using initiative
• Following instructions
• Being self motivated
• Being resourceful
• Being professional
• Being cordial and amenable
• Being assertive
• Communication
• Proactive
• Adaptable
• Persistent
• Focused
• Logical thinking
• Attention to detail
• Computer literacy
• Discretion


Executive Personal Assistants have a range of qualifications. Some PAs have qualifications that are specific to the industry in which they work. Their expertise often offset the demands on theirs executive bosses. An Executive PA, to be competitive, should possess any of the following:
•    Bachelor's Degree
•    Master's Degree
•    LCCI Private/Executive Secretarial Diploma
These may include specialisation in Business Administration, English, Information Technology, or Management.

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