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The primary role of the business admin professional is to lead, control and organise the activities of a business. Other responsibilities include closing deals for the business, recruiting staff and services, and dealing with public relations and after-sales care. The business administrator also needs to be familiar with the competitors of the organisation who they work for and know how to increase the company’s sales
Key skills in this role are the ability to create and enhance new and existing products and motivational skills with regards to encouraging existing staff and external clients. They will also have to troubleshoot and have a solution-based approach to financial issues
A successful applicant will be required to have an extensive understanding of business matters and be able to analyse and forecast business stock performance and implement budget systems. Also, it is vital that applicants have a thorough understanding of the purpose of the business they are working for and an expertise in the company’s field. Business administrators can expect a salary of £42,000 per year.


Business Administrators supervise administrative staff and functions. This complex job function requires persons who are adept and have excellent managerial skills. Administrators are usually in charge of the running of an office, making sure office supplies are available and that mails, emails and other documents are distributed.
They are conversant on the company’s goods and services. Usually when clients visit the locations or guest a business manager is able to promote the company to them, sufficiently. In some cases the founder and CEO acts as Business Administrator. Here they are in charge of all the business functions, and in larger organisations supervises human resource, marketing, accounting, finance, legal or operations departments.
Business Administrators receive attractive salary packages. They receive stock options, company cars, laptops, cell phones, general and health insurance, sick and vacation days, travel, meal and petrol allowances. They receive lucrative compensation, as they are responsible for the stability, and productivity of the business. Head administrators are referred to as company presidents, or chief executive officer.
The responsibilities of a Business Administrator include:
• Scheduling appointments
• Booking flights, and hotels
• Entering data into applications
• Supervising administrative staff
• Handling paperwork
• Sorting and distributing office mail
• Drafting cheques, invoices and receipts
• Minimising expenditure
• Managing income
• Approving office budgets
• Dispersing petty cash
• Going to office functions, meetings and sessions
• Preparing annual reports and budgets
• Interviewing and hiring administrative employees
• Managing business accounts
• Liaising with clients


• Highly effective
• Professionalism
• Delegation skills
• Communication skills
• Organisational skills
• Project and planning skills
• Numeric and financial capabilities
• Customer relations
• Internet, computer applications and hardware abilities
• Proactive and progressive
• Thorough, collaborative, and diligent
• Mathematical skills
• Enthusiastic and adaptable
• Micro and macro-management skills
• Prioritisation skills
• Commercial and technical skills


Business Administrators should possess a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Nevertheless, possessing an MBA or another Master's Degree gives graduates a better chance at employment. Some employers accept entry-level employees with other qualifications, including computer and GCSE.

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