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Roles in the field of training vary considerably in terms of subject matter, but essentially cover one or more of instruction, development of training materials, management and/or sales. Management positions can involve overall responsibility for operations at the organisation, regional or branch level. Other management positions require the ability to co-ordinate the deployment of training programmes or project management
At the instructional level, training responsibilities typically involve the fundamentals of teaching, such as subject knowledge, communications skills and good energy levels. Related qualifications, such as NVQ or equivalent may be required.
Roles may require the development of assessment programmes, including paper-based examinations, one-to-one assessments and electronic/online training and testing modules or programmes
Due to the wide variation in roles and performance requirements in this job sector, remuneration covers a wide range of formats and levels. A median salary of approximately £22,000 applies to many roles, with pay generally ranging from £17,000 to £30,000.


Training instructors are required to help people to improve the skills they have and learn new skills. They specialise in one area that can be customer services, management skills, personal development, craft skills, and IT skills. These professionals work with training and human resources managers in order to organise a training plan.

Training instructors usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Organising group exercises.
• Offering one to one mentoring.
• Helping trainees through e-learning.
• Teaching lessons using a whiteboard or a projector.
• Planning training strategies.


• Having good interpersonal skills.
• Being organised and methodical.
• Having excellent written and spoken communication skills.
• Being tactful and patient.
• Having time management skills.
• Being able to inspire and motivate a team.
• Having understanding on how people learn.
• Being a good listener.
• Being creative and proactive.
• Having interest in helping people to develop their skills.


Training instructor job placements do not require a specific set of entry requirements. Candidates need to have a high level of skills and in-depth knowledge in the taught area. Most employers require applicants over 21 years old in order to have suitable experience and skills for this job. There are companies that require instructors having a recognised training qualification such as the Certificate in Training Practice offered by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Some people, such as supervisors, move from other sectors of an organisation to training area because they have enough work experience and skills to be a training instructor.

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