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The role of an office manager is to oversee the steady running of the day-to-day operations of an office. This position involves assigning and relegating secretarial and clerical functions, ensuring that no staff members are overloaded with work, keeping track of absences and expenses and disciplining staff.
Some of the responsibilities undertaken by those in a management role within the office include ensuring adequate supply of stationery and equipment, so that various staff and departments can adequately carry out their duties. The Office manager may also find themselves updating health and safety policies, dealing with customer complaints and resolving disputes in the office.
The qualifications required for an office manager vary from company to company. Exposure computer skills, accounting and data processing are an advantage for those interested in applying for this position, as is a qualification in business or management. The average salary for a person employed in this position in the UK is £18k - £20k per year.


Office managers perform a myriad of job functions. Their roles are integral to the continued achievement and employee satisfactoriness at a company. They perform many information, communication, administrative and organizational tasks. Their job functions may differ and are dependent on the locality, type, and size of the company. Generally, office managers organize, employ, and supervise staff.
Managers also:
a. Delegate tasks to other employees
b. Address employee and/or customer issues
c. Formulate and implement various management decisions
d. Implement company policies
e. Provide mediums for increased staff productivity
f.  Work along with other administrators, directors or executives
g. Conduct meetings, staff reviews, training and conferences
h. Prepare, analyze, and revise financial, organizational and administrative reports
i.  Hire, train, and help to assimilate new employees.
j. Be in charge of and make decisions concerning office budgets, expenditures, supplies, structure, repairs, maintenance, and equipment
Manager positions are popular and once advertised attract competitive prospects. As this role is demanding, office managers must be self sufficient, responsible, and reliable. They work long hours and receive reward from the sustained operation of the company’s day-to-day activities. Office managers receive good salary packages and persons in senior positions receive higher remuneration. Some companies pay based on a manager’s qualification, experience, and job performance.


1. Have strong competency in using Microsoft Office applications
2. Have good time and project management skills
3. Have the ability to multitask
4. Have excellent oral and written communication skills
5. Have prior working experience
6. Must be dependable and trustworthy
7. Must exercise good customer service skills to both internal and external employees or clients
8. Must be self motivated, focused, and persistent
9. Must have excellent leadership, management and networking skills
10. Must be goal and detail oriented


Office managers work in many different industries. They are often the backbone of an organization and keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly. The qualifications of an office manager may vary; nevertheless, they usually study management programs. Graduates often transition from office administrator positions, or assistant office manager positions, to manager roles. Many companies provide internal training and have preparation programs for potential office managers.
Office managers typically have qualifications in the following areas:
i.    Management studies
ii.    Leadership and Management studies
iii.    Financial management
iv.    Office administration and management studies
v.    Administrative studies
vi.    Personnel development
vii.    Human Resources management
Clerical and administrative staff, executive assistants, and secretaries sometimes move on to Office manager positions. Some employers expect workers to have prior experience in any of these roles.

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