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A variety of organisations and individuals turn to asset management professionals to handle complex issues and processes associated with owned, leased or sub-leased assets. Such assets may be in the form of physical or intellectual property, ranging from real estate and software to naming rights and copyright licenses
Each position entails a different set of tasks and requirements; however, all posts will involve monitoring employer/client assets, as well as implementing, negotiating and advising owners/clients in regards to asset-related programmes. Job candidates will generally be required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance, business or accounting, though asset managers often possess an MBA and/or several years of experience in the field
Asset management professionals in the United Kingdom have an average salary of about £52,000 a year. The spectrum is quite wide, however. For managers, the lower end offers figures of about £35,000 extending all the way to more than £70,000 a year, whilst assistants and administrators will generally see figures below £35,000 a year.


One of the job placements inside Asset Management sector is Asset Managers. They are required to manage client’s investments such as currency, property, bonds, stocks, commodities, equities, among other financial products. One of the aims of these managers is to maximise the client´s money obtained from return on investments. They can work for banks, pension funds, and other business related areas.

An Asset Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Managing client’s money.
• Researching about new markets and financial products.
• Advising about investments.
• Creating reports.
• Dealing with clients face to face or by telephone.


• Being ambitious and determined.
• Having teamwork abilities.
• Being confident and assertive.
• Having high attention to details.
• Having excellent business knowledge.
• Having suitable communication skills.
• Being able to clearly explain business topics.
• Being organised.
• Having good communication abilities.
• Being able to motivate other members.


Studies needed to work in Asset Management area are offered by The Chartered Financial Analyst, including Investment Management Certificate and CFA charter. The last award is given after four years of professional investment and by approving three examinations. In the case of training schemes, The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment offers several qualifications and training courses such as the Investment Administration Qualification for investment professionals.

Other ways to enter to this industry is to have good honours degree, 2.1 as a minimum, in any subject required for Asset Management. Some suitable qualifications for this area are math, finance, accounting, economics, business studies, and management.

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