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An essential component in a company’s financial department is the finance manager, a person who serves as an information link between the accounting departments and upper management. It is often the advice and recommendations of this person that shape the direction of a company’s finances.
Analysis of accounting data leads a financial manager to find ways to improve underperforming areas within the company. They oversee financial reports in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and regulatory guidelines.
The specific role of a finance manager varies with each industry and company. They may supervise the activities of an accounting department, help it raise cash in the stock markets or evaluate operating expenses.
There is a lot of potential for advancement within a company depending on credentials, length of service and education. An MBA in finance or investment analysis or CPA license are useful credentials. The average salary is £60,000, but most diligent managers can move into a senior role within five years.


Finance Managers offer fiscal support to clients. They give advice to help business make solid business decisions. Fiscal managers work in various industries. These may include educational institutions, manufacturing plants, charities, banking and pecuniary agencies, retailers and international corporations.
A Finance Manager usually performs any of the following tasks:
• Implementing financial plans
• Revising strategic decisions
• Preparing monthly and annual reports
• Assessing risks
• Performing risk management
• Advising business executives
• Resolving accounting problems
• Reconciling balances
• Reporting to senior managers
• Attending meetings
• Supervising staff
• Leading teams
• Managing projects
• Working with financial systems
• Utilizing fiscal applications
• Upgrading general ledgers
These managers also operate as financial analysts or business analysts. Their job responsibilities are not exclusive or comprehensive. They are specific to the needs of their client or the company that they work with. Finance Managers also watch financial trends and keep informed of new developments within the market. Their knowledge and advice are critical and must be relevant and accurate at all times.


• Written and oral communication
• Technical, numeric and analytical skills
• Logic and quick thinking
• Time management
• Team management
• Producing expert advice
• Motivating others
• Resolving issues
• Research
• Being discrete
• Handling performance management processes
• Risk assessment
• Commercial awareness
• Managing relationships
• Negotiating


Being a Finance Manager is a top-level job and therefore requires an advanced degree. Finance Managers may hold a Master's or Doctoral Degree in their area of specialization. They need to have extensive financial knowledge but they may have specialized in Statistics, Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Accounting, or Business Administration. Certifications including ACA, ACMA, ACCA or CIMA are also valuable.

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