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To keep track of inventory, evaluate vendor shipments and ensure the products created and used by a company are delivered smoothly, a person working in the area of purchase ledger is employed. These important individuals work with many kinds of businesses, usually in the retail, wholesale or manufacturing sector.
This individual works closely with the shipping and receiving departments in a company, as well as with inventory managers. On the other end, they keep in contact with accounting departments by providing them with accurate financial statements and supplier reports.
Training in bookkeeping, excellent communication skills and an aptitude for IT and computer programs are important requirements in this job. Experience goes a long way to securing a job in this field, but many companies will employ entry-level individuals in the area of purchase ledger and provide training
There are ample jobs in this field, with constant openings. A high school education is the minimum requirement, along with excellent maths skills. Salaries start at around £16,000 to £18,000 but can reach £30,000 for a managerial position.


Purchase Ledger specialists closely monitor the expenditure of a company. They are always conscious of all the purchases made by their company. These professionals keep records of more than six years, of products and services bought by the business, keeping a clear reference system.
To effectively perform their jobs Purchase Ledger professionals must work with various applications to figure out payments, generate and code invoices, pay for services, and produce cheques. They maintain close relationships with suppliers and network with them to get good rates and prices.
A Purchase Ledger specialist usually performs any of the following tasks:
• Completing duties assigned by the financial controller
•  Reconciling statements
• Handling queries
• Working with invoices
•  Managing petty cash
•  Batching high volumes of invoices
•  Processing purchase orders
•  Scrutinizing the purchase ledger system
•  Networking with suppliers
•  Processing payments runs


• Bookkeeping
• Interpersonal relations
• Communication
• Meeting deadlines
• Teamwork
• Being focused
• Organisation
• Time management
• Planning
• Collaboration


A Purchase Ledger specialist must have technical skills in using several software applications. These include:
•    Microsoft Excel
•    Sage
•    Microsoft Dynamics
•    Great Plains
•    BACS
Purchase Ledger Clerks should have at the minimum, GCSEs in English and Mathematics.  Passing the AAT, CIMA, or CAT exam is also valuable towards your career.

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