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All businesses need someone who can assess information in financial records and advise on the future direction of the company. Much of this work is carried out by a financial accountant. Those working in this role tend to be a key figure in the day-to-day running of a company, assisting directors in making important financial decisions
In addition, they are sometimes given complete control of the firm’s capital, ensuring that debts are paid, payments are received and stocks are replenished. In this case, a number of strong skills are essential. These include an excellent knowledge of accounting systems and regulations, good time management, as well as an ability to present financial information in layman’s terms
Graduates can expect to earn up to £20,000 while completing their accounting certifications, while experienced financial accountants can earn in excess of £35,000. In fact, the average salary for the position is around £37,500. Media organisations tend to pay the highest salaries for this position.


Financial Accountants work with the accounting, financial and management systems of a company. They advise executives, and board members about the direction in which to lead their business. They work with stock brokers, debtors or creditors concerning the companies stocks, bonds, debts, and financial products. The remuneration of a financial accountant is largely dependent on the capacity, level, company size and location in which they work.
A Financial Accountant usually performs any of the following tasks:
• Managing bank accounts
• Consolidating annual accounting statements
• Forecasting cash flow
•  Developing policy for company treasury
• Preparing tax returns
• Managing finance teams
• Assisting auditors
• Reconciling balance sheets
•  Preparing reports
• Managing supplier rebates


• Systematic thinking
• Accounting and numeracy
• Resolving financial issues
• Management and supervision
• Being motivational
• Interpersonal relations
• Time management
• Technical knowledge in global accounting principles
• Being organised
• Working with teams
• Being detail oriented
• Risk management
• IT skills
• Flexibility
• Communication


People who are interested in Financial Accounting can acquire several qualifications. Traditional Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Accounting, Finance and Management is an asset. Also, having the following certifications which are accepted by employers will help job seekers in being hired in this capacity.
•    CIMA
•    CIPFA
•    AAT
•    IFA

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