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Auditing is an important part of the accountancy brief of any business. The audit manager plays a key role in ensuring that risk management and auditing processes are carried out successfully. This role requires the employee to be well-acquainted with tax, profit and loss, balance sheets and group audit standards. Managers are also required to keep up to date with any changes in accounting rules and regulations
The audit manager position is one of the better-paid accountancy roles. Positions tend to offer between £30,000 and £60,000, depending on qualifications and experience. In any case, applicants will usually need to be at least part-qualified, with certificates from professional bodies such as ACCA, CIPFA or ICAS
Audit manager positions can be internal or external. Employees can work full-time with a single company, or work for a private firm that offers auditing services to clients. Managers have the chance to see the results of their strategy implementation in business, as well as the opportunity to aid more junior colleagues with their own personal development.


Managing business risks or advising on auditing processes are some of the duties of an Audit Manager. These managers are highly analytical, have first rate accounting capabilities and provide expert recommendations to their clients and businesses. Their knowledge has to be extensive on income tax, TDS, MIS reports, using SAP, profit and loss, balance sheets and Group Audit Standards.
Audit Managers may be required to conduct risk management, maintain fiscal records, and enforcing compliance to ISO standards and other international, national, state, and federal regulations. They receive handsome pay packages and work typical office hours unless otherwise needed.
 An Audit Manager usually performs any of the following tasks:
• Presenting ideas
• Interviewing clients
• Implementing strategies
• Managing audit employees
• Mentoring junior staff
• Training new colleagues
• Delegating assignments
• Displaying accurate and reliable auditing knowledge
• Using various software applications
• Reviewing data
• Finalizing projects
• Managing budgets and audit processes


• Communication
• Project management
• Attention to detail
• Organization
• Numeracy
• Information technology
• Professionalism
• Customer service
• Quality
• Giving constructive criticism
• Interpretation of fiscal data
• Problem solving
• Confidentiality
• Accuracy
• Time management
• Stress management
• Diagnostic reasoning
• Leadership


People who have a passion for numeric data, understanding statistics and figuring out financial data could obtain a Degree to become an Audit Manager. However to operate at this level it is necessary to complete a Master's Degree. Professionals may be competent in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, or Mathematics.
An Audit Manager may possess several qualifications. These may include:
•    ACA or ACCA
•    CIPFA
•    ICAS
•    MBA

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