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The role of the investment analyst is crucial to the work of the funding manager and both jobs are inextricably linked within a company. Invest analysts gather information for the funding manager to make decisions upon and so it is crucial to work as a team. Many analysts work for investment management companies, while others work for stockbrokers and investment banks
The typical day of an incumbent includes a lot of research and gathering of information. A broad range of disciplines are covered in this job and people wishing to work in this role should have a good understanding of economics, statistics, pension funds, investment trusts and banks and major companies. Attention to detail and accuracy are also highly thought of.
There is no formal qualification that is required for this position, but typical candidates will have a background in business and management and have some kind of finance-related qualification. Most companies only hire industry experienced individuals. The average salary for this type of work is currently around £75,000.


Assisting companies, business owners, fund managers and stock brokers in making the right investment choices is the responsibility of an Investment Analyst. Analysts pay keen attention to financial products, real estate, buying and selling of companies, interest rates, currencies and global economies.
Graduates ascend to the position of an Investment Analyst by working as account executives, stock brokers, account managers and fund managers. Analysts typically work with financial institutions, investment and stock broking firms and investment management companies. Many large conglomerates may hire their own Investment Analysts as well.
An Investment Analyst performs many of the following tasks:
•  Analysing financial data
•  Networking with industry professionals
•  Liaising with fund managers
•  Conducting presentations
•  Monitoring financial news
•  Taking into account economic implications of natural disasters and wars
•  Keeping abreast of market expansions
•  Chairing meetings
•  Reporting to directors and executive colleagues
Investment Analysts have the opportunity to earn very attractive salaries. They receive stock, bonds, and other investment incentives as well. Being in this career allows professionals to earn immensely. They keep long hours each day and may often work on weekends as well.


• Being ambitious
• Being confident
• Being determined
• Being motivated
• Time management
• Problem-solving
• Communication
• Working efficiently under pressure
• Information technology
• Being analytical
• Team-work
• Being numerical
• Being thorough
• Research
• Being focused


There are many institutions or agencies that can assist job seekers in gaining certification in becoming an Investment Analyst. These institutions include:
•    Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments Institute (CISI)
•    CFA Society of the UK
•    Securities & Investment Institute (SII)
•    UK Society of Investment Professionals (UKSIP)
•    Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland (CIOBS)
•    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute
Investment Analysts are expected to be highly proficient in areas such as accounting, economics, finance, mathematics or statistics. Doctorate and Masters Degrees offer candidates an advanced opportunity is working in this position.

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