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Financial Planning Managers are responsible for developing and implementing the business and fiscal plans of a company. They advise and help clients make investment decisions while keeping track of market trends. Managers may work in conjunction with other financial agencies or professionals. They help their clients avoid risk penalties and assist them in increasing their revenue through smart financial decisions.
These professionals usually perform any of the following tasks:
• Assisting financial controllers
• Facilitating external auditors
•  Providing customer support
• Forecasting
• Budgeting
• Analysis
• Implementing financial measures
• Risk management
•  Risk assessment
•  Enforcing regulations
• Reconciliation


• Analytical thinking
• Change management
• Team management
• Being committed and honest
• Delivery quality advice
• Team management
• Being flexible
• Being resilient
• Being self motivated
• Being conscientious
• Proficient in using technology and telecommunication devices
• Assessing risks
• Managing people
• Self development
• Being able to communicate proficiently


A Financial Planning Manager may have any number of advanced qualifications, including a Master's Degree. These qualifications may include:
•    FPC or FPC1
•    CeFA, CeFA1 or CF1
•    ACA or ACCA
•    CeMAP
Degrees in Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Finance or Economics are the most relevant to this career.

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