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A .net Developer is skilled at developing cutting edge web applications using the components of .net programming. The role requires the design, development and implementation of applications which provide solutions to business problems.
A .net Developer will be expected to undertake such duties as; consulting with clients about their business requirements, building applications to client specifications, customising current applications in line with changing business needs, reporting specifics of an application, evaluating the performance of an application, testing and implementing all software solutions, and meeting face-to-face with clients.
The job holder will be required to possess excellent communication and project management skills. Flexibility is essential, as is the ability to adapt with the client’s changing needs. The candidate should work well under pressure, and display evidence of excellent problem solving and organisational skills.
Many companies will consider a degree in IT, computing or software development a necessity, although often a proven capability of competence using .net-based applications will suffice. Other qualifications may include VB.Net, SQL, ASP.Net, and Agile
Typically, the starting salary for this role is around £18,000 for an entry level position, climbing to an average of £30,000 for a candidate with relevant experience.


.NET developers construct quality web applications using the .NET programming components. Developers must be competent in using Microsoft’s technology to design, develop and implement these applications. Using their programming skills, developers are able to integrate their applications with other technologies and deliver specifications as requested by clients.
Functions of a .NET Developers may include:
• Be well informed of technology trends
• Consult with clients
• Document and report application specifics
• Customise applications
• Debug web applications
• Evaluate system performance
• Follow standard guidelines
• Deliver quality work
• Work with teams and mangers
• Preserve SQL databases and servers
• Design complex applications
• Execute bug and performance tests


• Good project management skills
• Innovative thinking
• Good problem solving capabilities
• Be methodical
• Good communicator
• Perform well under work demands
• Understand software applications
• Technically competent
• Consistently proactive
•  Trustworthy and amicable
• Work well in teams
• Good organisational skills
• Use databases and servers competently


.NET developers ought to understand web technologies. They should also possess a degree in computer science, software programming or design. Having Microsoft certification is also acceptable.

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