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At the heart of today’s technologically-savvy world is the developer: a highly-skilled professional that translates specifications, requirements and creative concepts into sound programming code in an effort to create stable applications, web pages and the like.
This individual’s duties generally include using development tools and programming languages to design, build, implement, test and maintain applications or web-based systems, and to provide occasional support for users. Additional day-to-day tasks often include coordinating with customers or managers to establish specifications, translating ideas into programming languages, program testing, repairs and evaluating performance
Any position as a developer will require robust knowledge of specific programming languages (software/application development), and/or HTML, CSS and web development tools such as Java and Photoshop. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline is necessary
Those working in web-based aspects of this field have an average salary of £33,500, spanning from £25,000 to more than £45,000, while those developing software have an average salary of £35,000, spanning from £25,000 to more than £50,000.


Developers create programs or applications to meet and resolve industry needs. This project and detail oriented job requires a like-minded professional. Developers must be able to work effectively in a team-based environment, if needed; they should also be able to work on their own initiative. They must be able to follow direct indicators and project specifications. Once the task is completed, developers are then required to prepare various documentations.
Developers maintain customary office hours, unless they have to work overtime to meet project deadlines. They work primarily at a desk with a computer system, but may be mobile during the testing and implementation stages, if required. Developers have great responsibilities and obligations; they must be dependent and capable of delivering a quality product.
Developers can work as programmers, managers, team leaders, project managers, trainers, developers, software engineers, database administrators, or consultants. Depending on the location, company, industry needs, among other factors developers usually attract a good salary. Experienced and high ranking developers easily earn twice as much as starting programmers.
Developers may:
a. Program applications using different computer programming language
b. Work with teams and managers to develop a project
c. Provide training and technical feedback
d. Prepare documentation
e. Resolve any technical issues with a software
f.  Conduct testing, analysis and maintenance


1. Be able to meet targets and deadlines
2. Be able to use software development applications proficiently
3. Be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues creatively and intuitively
4. Be able to programme in several languages such as C

, ASP.NET , Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, HTML

5. Computer and programming aptitude
6. Be able to work with teams
7. Have a strong interpersonal skills
8. Have excellent time and project management skills
9. Be able to work with various operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux, and Mac


Developers need to be very proficient in software programming. They should have relevant certifications and training in their area and a wide knowledge base of various and current programming languages such as PHP, VB, C, C++, C

, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, and HTML etc. Some employers require their developers to have prior experience within the industry.

A first degree in computer science, software design, and programming or any relevant field is highly recommended. Having well known and respected certifications, such as BTEC, NVQ, or SVQ is beneficial as well. Developers should have a high aptitude for Mathematics, and Computer Science. As technology changes frequently, developers must maintain their knowledge of new programming developments.

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