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C developers use their programming capabilities to create software. They design applications to work on computers, or control internet sites. The type of applications they develop is capable of different functions and used in many business environments. They meet, design, test, analyse, debug and implement these applications. Programmers often meet with members of other departments to ensure that they are following guidelines, or staying with project budgets.
Developers must be able to work long hours, work well with teams, perform documentation responsibilities, test their software and meet quality standards. Some C developers meet with clients to become familiar with their requests or implement changes to their systems. They work in various work settings and receive a good salary package.
Functions of a C Developer may include:
• Develop documentation for the software they code
• Test applications
• Attend meetings and training
• Delegate team assignments
• Meet with clients
•  Maintain their knowledge in programming
•  Code using various programming languages


• Comprehensive programming knowledge
•  Technical capabilities with .NET framework, servers, databases etc
• Be able to deliver projects on time
• Be able to work alone or within teams
• Be able to develop quality applications consistently
• Have experience working in the technology industry
• Be professional and dependable
• Be approachable
• Be able to stay current with new IT developments and skills
• Be self motivated


Developers should have an IT related qualification. This may be in software engineering, programming, computer science and information technology. C developers must be able to use many different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, ASP, PHP, SQL or C

, they should have comprehensive technical knowledge of various severs, OS systems, platforms, debuggers and other technologies.

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