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The many complex database systems used in nearly all types of private and public sector organisations require software and automatic systems in order to function properly on a daily basis. Such organisations turn to a skilled expert known as a database developer to design, implement and maintain programs that enable users and administrators to update, retrieve, delete or arrange data within a specific database.
The day-to-day tasks of this individual often include designing database architecture, coordinating with users and administrators to determine common needs and functions, writing database manuals, determining data organisational methods, providing technical support and training database administrators and users
The UK has no official requirement for this role; however, successful candidates for database developer positions typically have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field or mathematics or statistics. They should have strong knowledge of SQL, Java and VisualBasic in addition to training in specific database systems including SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle
The average annual salary for this post in the UK is £36,500.


Database Developers are responsible for data gathering before development of a database. They design, develop, test, implement and maintain new and existing databases. Database developers create management methods and systems to access efficiently to information stored in databases. They work with consultants and other members of the company to improve processes.

A Database Developer does the following tasks:
• Modifying databases and products according to client needs.
• Working to create functional requirements.
• Providing assistance to others in topics related to data management.
• Creating reports on databases.
• Designing and developing database architectures.


• Being proactive.
• Having methods for problem solving.
• Being a good communicator, both written and spoken.
• Having competent teamwork abilities.
• Having documentation and organisational skills.
• Having analytical thinking abilities.
• Being able to plan technical solutions.
• Being self motivated.
• Having a competent judgment to inform problems to superiors on time.
• Being deadline oriented.


Database Developer jobs It require to have 2 years of work experience as a minimum to apply for a product development organisation. It is also needed to have relevant experience with Oracle 9i and PL-SQL, including index strategies, performance tuning and optimization and stored procedures. Database developers must be able to create Oracle reports and write complex SQL statements for large scale databases.

Other requirement for this area is to have a Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science and knowledge and experience related to Computer Programming and Database development.

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