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Because JavaScript is one of the most widely-used programming languages in web applications and software programming, developers and programmers specialising in this area have become a necessity throughout the technology sector as well as in numerous other types of organisations
As a Java developer or programmer, an individual will utilise sound knowledge and of this development tool to help employers or clients create object-based websites and applications that often boast animation or complex imagery alongside user-friendly features like simple drop-down menus. These professionals will spend much of their time translating concepts into usable Java code, implementing applications, testing features and communicating with managers, designers and clients regarding basic concepts, layouts and features
Successful jobholders in this field typically have a university degree in computer science, software development, MIS or a similar field. Additional post-graduate Java-specific coursework or experience is a distinct advantage
JavaScript experts in the United Kingdom can expect a salary ranging from £20,000 to as much as £70,000 per year for highly sought after posts. The median rate per annum is £47,000.


People who work as JavaScript developers are savvy with this programming language. What they do is to create interactive functions to HTML pages using JavaScript. It is less powerful than Java but more fun and appealing and embedded on web pages. JavaScript comes from the original Netscape's LiveScript language. Developers or programmers also use the language to create, review or edit applications and software.
A JavaScript developer usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Amalgamating server-side with client code
•  Defining web design standards
• Deciphering proposed charter as well as mock-ups into standards-based HTML and reusable CSS
•  Learning new web technologies
•  Updating products and websites
•  Training fellow team members


• Being able to communicate in written and oral form effectively
• Being analytical and responsible
• Being attentive to detail and producing quality documentation
• Being flexible and respectful
• Being proactive and creative
• Being professional and self motivated
• Multitasking and time management
• Networking and teamwork
• Organisation and project management
• Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle


In learning JavaScript, developers open themselves up to working in the information technology industry. They may also choose to study other programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, ASP, PSP, or CSS. They study courses such as:
•    Engineering
•    Mathematics
•    Science
•    Computer Science
•    Computer Engineering
•    Information Technology
•    Software Development
These courses are all offered at the Diploma, Associate, Bachelors and Masters degree levels. Employers are always looking out for developers who have studied a wide span of languages and are highly adaptable to the growing trends in technology.

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