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Behind the thousands of electronic applications used in everyday lives is the software engineer, whose role has become a vital part of every industry in the business world as well as in governments and non-profit organisations.
These skilled individuals utilise keen problem-solving and analytical skills in numerous day-to-day tasks. Engineers spend their time at work following a heavily-travelled software design process from end to end; it begins with taking requirements and conceptual ideas into account and creating a software blueprint, next comes the programming stage itself, and finally, a series of tests and modifications rounds out the cycle.
Qualifications can vary depending on the employer/project at hand, though most of these professionals hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, MIS, mathematics, information technology or a similar field. Language-specific positions may require post-graduate training, extensive experience or special certifications
The starting salary for a junior can be as low as £20,000 though more than 90% of available positions offer at least £25,000 per annum. The median salary is £35,000 and senior engineers can earn more than £60,000, particularly those with extensive experience in specific languages.


Software engineers work to integrate the capability of technology to meet operational and consumer needs. Even though they develop the product, developers perform other tasks as well. They oversee the entire software product process from design with graphics artist, to marketing the product and its appeal to clients.
Professionals with software engineering skills produce many different products. They may include mainframes, computers, laptops, airplanes, microchips, computer games and business applications. Job promotion launches them into positions such as systems specialists or senior systems engineer. They receive lucrative salaries and benefits.
Functions of a Software Engineer may include:
• Design software products
• Conduct trainings
• Gather feedback and analysis
• Draft and revise product manuals
•  Resolve operational problems
• Create and revise budgets
•  Research new technologies and methodologies
• Integrate platforms
• Programme using computer languages
• Coordinate with executives, managers, system analysts, designers and marketing staff
• Confer with clients
• Stay current


• Be logical
• Have great team building skills
• Pay attention to detail and specifics
• Capable of working assiduously to meet deadlines
• Have superior technical expertise
• Be able to work under pressure
• Be effective in handling numeric information
• Be able to relate to clients and colleagues
• Effective listening and comprehension skills
• Be a strong communicator
• Be career motivated


Software Engineers are highly technical employees. They usually come from mathematics, engineering or physics backgrounds. As professionals, they hold degrees in computer science, software engineering, computation, engineering or programming. In tests, they perform highly in programming and analytical capabilities and aptitude.
Jobs are available for them in the telecommunications, electronics and engineering industry. It is not difficult to find jobs after completing their education and training, as there is a demand for these professionals. Some employers train entry-level graduates in structured programming. Having a Masters degree is valuable for developers who are interested in promotion to more senior positions.

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