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Experts in Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, are in demand within IT departments in nearly every type of organisation. These developers often work as consultants as the work can be project-based when the need to develop software or websites arises
Day-to-day tasks for these skilled programmers include writing CSS programs, testing software and website for performance, overseeing communications systems, addressing technical issues, webpage design and coordinating with and advising IT heads and managers
Those seeking posts in this field should be creative, have advanced computer skills as well as the ability to multitask and communicate effectively. Training in this specific computer language is part of several university degrees including software development, computer science, software engineering, information technology and web technology. Holding one of the above bachelor’s certificates is necessary for most positions.
The median salary for those working in this specialised area of computing is about £32,000 a year, with the highest figures typically available in the UK capital.


CSS developers are web or software programmers. They may work as consultants, part time, within a company’s department or for an IT company. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to portray the appearance semantics of a text written in a Markup Language.
A CSS developer usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Writing CSS programs
• Monitoring communications systems
• Installing and configuring systems
• Advising about the design specification process
• Testing website performance and interaction
• Resolving technical problems
• Designing web pages


• Being innovative and creative
• Being able to communicate and present information efficiently
• Being able to use programming, computer software and graphic technology
• Stress management and multitasking
• Having an acumen for business
• Teamwork and prioritising
• Meeting deadlines and setting targets
• Being flexible and able to resolve problems
• Interacting and networking with people
• Being able to work using own initiative
• Organisation and administration


Programmers of various computer languages are able to access training from a wide variety of institutions. With the increasing demand and growth in technology more and more schools are offering training and certification in Computer Science, Software Development, Software Engineering, Business Information Systems Programming, Web Technologies and Information Technology.
CSS is one of the languages taught and various certifications are offered at different levels. This includes;
•    HND
•    Diploma
•    Bachelors Degree
•    Masters Degree
•    Associate Degree

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