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Webmasters play a crucial role in the building and maintaining of websites. It is the webmaster’s job to ensure that servers remain up and running for as long as possible and that webpages load quickly and effortlessly. Measuring webpage speed and monitoring a website’s uptime are therefore important parts of the job
Other tasks of a webmaster include registering domain names, designing logos and company intros, correcting software bugs, tracking traffic, writing content, dealing with search engine optimisation and maintaining security to prevent hacking. An ability to handle shopping cart software and to set up a merchant account such as PayPal is also necessary if dealing with e-commerce sites.
A degree in computer science or software engineering is usually required for this type of work, which demands a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML and Unix. Skills in C++ or Java would also be useful. Job opportunities in this sector can mainly be found in London and the surrounding areas, where salaries can range from £19,600 to £30,200.


Webmasters manage web pages, sites and applications. They coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of a company’s online presence. They are responsible for web developers and graphic artists that work in their department. They oversee all aspects of creating a website.
Managers also coordinate with other departments. They work with communication, sales, marketing or advertising professionals concerning content posted, viewed or pulled from the website. They ensure that information posted on the website is credible, correct, and up to date. They also ensure that if the website allows the transfer of information from and to users that relevant stakeholders can access this information.
Web Managers are expected to be technically savvy and receive lucrative salaries to maintain web applications. They work in offices and may work shifts, overtime or normal office hours. As nearly all types of businesses have a web presence, Website Managers are employed in various industries.
The responsibilities of a Website Manager include:
• Coordinating department responsibilities
• Delegating assignments
• Managing project timeline
• Checking for consistency and quality
• Advising team members
• Attending meeting
• Preparing reports
• Assessing employees performance
• Implementing online marketing campaigns
• Conducting internet promotions
• Monitoring servers, databases and other IT systems


• Leadership skills
• Planning and time management skills
• Self motivated
• Detail oriented
• Innovative and creative
• Superior communication skills
• Commitment and consistency
• Meticulous
• Quality and customer oriented
• Comprehensive SEO techniques and web development knowledge and skills
• Team management skills
• Project and organisational skills
• Outstanding programming skills
• Internet and web expertise
• Confident and respectful
• Interpersonal skills
• Observant and flexible


Website Managers may have experience in website development, multimedia design, programming, and computer arts and graphics. They also possess good leadership and supervisory skills. Managers often work as web developers, software engineers, programmers or administrators before being promoted as web managers. Professional in web development often possesses at least a Bachelor's Degree in a Computer related field.

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