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As technology advances, there is an increasing demand for workers skilled in the computer database programme SQL. Programmers of SQL are responsible for merging data, creating new databases and data filtering to identify trends. They require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, plus proficiency in SQL 2000 and 2005, JavaScript and .Net. Ideally, they must also be knowledgeable in ASP, PHP and C+, as well as have a good understanding of search engine optimization
There are also opportunities for SQL database administrators, who take care of the day-to-day administration in this environment. A minimum of two years’ SQL Server 2005 DBA experience is usually required for this position, as well as appropriate academic qualifications. Server developers are required to have hands-on experience of data modelling and data mapping, as well as SQL Server
Average salaries for those working in this programme are around £40,000 per annum. Figures for the year 2011 show that 90% of jobs in this area offered salaries of more than £27,500, while 10% of workers in this field received over £67,500.


A SQL developer or programmer uses their knowledge and expertise to program or manage software and/or databases using SQL. This developer may design, create, or modify existing codes and applications. He or she must be familiar with .NET, Microsoft server, Oracle and other databases.
Some programmers work on an individual application or environment doing maintenance. Others may work on several projects or provide application upgrades and alteration to codes.
SQL programmers may:
a. Create scripts or codes to test application functionality
b. Provide product or application enhancements
c.  Analyze existing or team members code
d.  Develop product or application documentation
e.  Manage deployments
f.  Resolve database, server or application issues
g.  Lead and manage project teams


1. Knowledge and proficiency in SQL, .NET, XML, PHP, ASP, VB, Java Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL server or Oracle database software
2. Effective project and time management skills
3. Be able to multitask and resolve problems efficiently
4. Maintain knowledge and skills in current industry developments
5. Have excellent technical skills
6. Good communication skills
7. Be reliable and professional


SQL developers should possess at least a first degree. They should also have the aptitude for mathematics and information technology. Developers must know how to utilize many programming languages. Appropriate qualifications or certifications are integral and necessary. Candidates can access training in Microsoft SQL certification, or other software design, programming or development courses. Having prior experience in the industry is also an asset.

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