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One of the primary roles of a brand manager is to apply effective marketing techniques to promote and analyse the performance of a particular brand.
A successful brand manager must be able to efficiently analyse activities in the market place, and apply this to the performance of the brand or brand portfolio. The position requires assessment of expenditure against profit to maximise performance of the brand, and strong team management skills. The brand manager must be assertive, as daily decision-making is essential.
Current trends require brand managers to have at least a degree in marketing, or another closely related field such as advertising or public relations. The requirement of a master’s degree in the industry is becoming increasingly important. The annual salary within the UK for a brand manager hovers around £30,000 to £40,000, although this largely depends on experience, training, education, and the company.


Brand Managers work to make the products and services offered by a company attractive and acceptable to consumers. They oversee focus groups and other research efforts to become aware of what is appealing to consumers and remove aspects that might deter them from purchasing their products. They are directly responsible for the product’s image.
Managers work closely with other departments. They coordinate with marketing, advertising, sales, production and development staff. Brand Managers are in charge of the entire creative process of product. This job is very demanding and though managers work typical office hours they often work overtime. They also receive good salary packages and benefits.
A Brand Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Conducting market research
•  Working with focus groups
•  Proofing marketing literature
• Reviewing product designs and labels
•  Overseeing TV, Internet and other media campaigns
•  Inventing new product names
•  Working with artists, designers printers and media buyers


• Communication, including good listening skills, the ability to present information with clarity and negotiating at various levels
• Project management
• Team management
• Multitasking
• Being both creative and analytical, maintaining an enthusiastic spirit
• Networking
• Planning
• Organisation


Brand Managers have a number of different qualifications which include Associate, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business or Marketing. Other Marketing qualifications include:
•    Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).
•    Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM).
•    Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).
•    Communication Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation (CAM).

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