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There are numerous types of positions available for creative individuals across nearly every industry. Firms of nearly all types have a need for graphic design solutions and the arts and entertainment industry itself has a consistent need for talented artistic personnel
Some of the most common and desirable positions in this field include artworkers / graphic designers, producers, architects, web designers, production artists, musicians, writers, actors, makeup artists, illustrators and upper-level managerial figures like creative and artistic directors
Requirements differ from post to post, though all positions will require a strong artistic drive alongside robust communication/team working skills. Quite often a bachelor’s degree in an artistic or design-related discipline is a minimum qualification
Salaries for individuals working in the arts are dependent upon the exact position and employer. Entry-level positions for common posts like illustrators and graphic designers begin at around £20,000 a year, extending up to around £35,000 for experienced persons, whilst web designers and production artists will see similar starting figures that can extend to in excess £40,000 per annum. Successful architects and senior-level jobholders like artistic directors can earn well over £80,000 per year.


Creative artworkers are required to handle design projects related to services and products of a company. They can work for newspapers, websites, computer game studios, product packaging companies, restaurants, among other sectors. An example of their duties is the creation of a bottle of soda, where they need to create a suitable image and shape, including right wording.

Creative artworkers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Developing design projects.
• Meeting customer´s needs.
• Teaming up with printers, art directors, photographers, and other professionals.
• Contributing ideas.
• Using computer aided design.


• Having excellent written and spoken communication.
• Being accurate.
• Having good interpersonal skills.
• Having knowledge about photography.
• Being able to work to strict deadlines and within budgets.
• Having understanding of current styles and trends.
• Having hand drawing skills.
• Having IT skills.
• Being able to work alone or with a team.
• Having presentation skills.


Creative artworks jobs usually do not require academic qualifications, but it is recommended to have degrees in visual arts to increase possibilities in the application process. Other relevant degrees for this industry include animation, media arts, photography, visual communication, digital media management, advertising, digital media engineering, communication design, web engineering, among others.

It is also recommended to have a degree or Higher National Diploma in graphic design, fine art, desktop publishing, film and television, communication design, 3D design and other relevant subjects, including working knowledge of computer design software such as FreeHand, Flash, Photoshop, 3D Studio, CorelDraw, Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark Xpress.

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