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industry. It’s not without hard work, but for those who are well-organised, professional and assertive, it remains a great vocation. Events can include festivals, fundraising events and product launches, among others. Those working in the industry have a great opportunity to work in a variety of locations
Events management tends to work around regular office hours while organising events. However, during the run-up to events, as well as while setting-up venues, things can get a little hectic. Anti-social hours are not unusual at this time. Working for a firm specialising in planning events also offers a great chance to network, which can become extremely useful when setting up as a freelance organiser. There is a wide range of qualifications in the field, including the popular BTEC diploma in event management
Many of the larger conference venues tend to employ their own in-house staff. These positions can be well-paid, with staff with a few years experience earning between £25,000 and £40,000.


The responsibility of handling the planning, organising, promotion and execution of an event belongs to an Events Manager. Some managers have specialisation which may include being a party planner, wedding consultant, fundraising event manager, or even specialising in exhibitions.
Event Managers keep standard business hours, however their schedule may vary when they are executing an event. Managers are expected to be excellent planners and negotiators. Their salaries can also be very rewarding. Events Managers may work with event, marketing, promotional, charity or party planning companies, or as a freelancer.
An Events Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Finding and booking locations
• Managing contractors
• Generating new ideas
• Learning about new venues or locations
• Getting the best price
• Liaising with clients


• Supervision and management
• Computer literacy and training
• Networking and negotiating
• Teamwork and team building
• Sales and marketing
• Tact and patience
• Administration and diplomacy
• Communication, numeracy and budgeting
• Stress management and problem solving
• Excellence and efficiency
• Design and energy


The qualification of an Events Manager will vary, depending on the industry they are in. General qualifications at the, BTEC, NVQ, EDI or HNC level, which will be relevant across the board include:
•    Event Planning
•    Public Relations
•    Hospitality
•    Tourism Management
Having membership in a professional organisation is also integral. These organisations include the Association for Conferences and Events (ACE) and the Association of Exhibition Organisers (AEO).

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