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The marketing consultant role requires an analytical mind and a person who has exceptional report writing skills, communication skills, and is able to negotiate effectively with clients. The role requires the candidate to prepare proposals, develop an effective marketing strategy and/or assist in the current strategy.
Working closely with the marketing department and networking with extraneous sources, the marketing consultant will conduct interviews, design questionnaires, present well and have exceptional research skills. They should also be able to take charge of a situation for the good of the company and its employees. Having excellent computing skills is a bonus and fantastic interpersonal skills are a must.
The candidate will usually be educated to degree level and/or possess an NVQ in consultancy, marketing or sales. A Masters or Bachelors degree in finance, economics, administration or business is also beneficial. The annual salary for a marketing consultant starts from £26,875, rising to £51,915 for a more senior level consultant.


Marketing Consultants are industry experts. They are very aware of business and commercial changes in their industry. Consultants are able to advise and guide their clients in making informed decisions related to buying and selling. They manage campaigns, and work with both internal and external stakeholders.
A Marketing Consultant usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Analysing results
• Writing reports
• Preparing proposals
• Designing questionnaires
•  Conducting interviews
•  Developing communication strategies
•  Delivering product quotes
•  Carrying out marketing research
•  Keeping the marketing department updated


• Marketing
• Being sociable, honest and amenable
• Networking
• Negotiating
• Presentation and communication
• Being professional, confident and ambitious
• Research
• Analytical thinking
• Planning to meet deadlines
• Information technology


Some Marketing Consultants have an NVQ certification. Other Consultants may have Bachelors or Masters Degrees. Relevant areas of specialisation include Business, Administration, Management, Marketing, Sales, Economics, Communication or Finance.

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